Tidy Tuesday: Should We Continue?

The lack of comments are making me wonder if “Tidy Tuesday” is really helping or not. If you are just wandering in to this blog for the first time and not sure what “Tidy Tuesday” is, you can click on the “Household Tips” category to see what exactly I’m talking about.

While my own house still needs a lot of organizing and work, I question if the tips here are really helping anyone else. Are you following along with each weekly challenge? Do you try your hardest to get each challenge done? Is it helping you get your house in order?

If there’s no comments or no one who wants to keep this weekly task, we’ll get rid of it. Although if you want to keep it just leave a comment!

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4 Responses

  1. Kerry Mackenzie Says:

    I think you should keep the tidy tuesday.

  2. maria Says:

    Keep up this feature, it’s interesting and I’m sure even if people are not commenting a lot, they can get a lot out of the tips.


  3. Mary Gibbs Says:

    I enjoy Tidy Tuesday, hope you will keep it.

  4. Idea Queen Says:

    I appreciate the comments, and will keep this particular feature in place. It’s good to know people ARE reading and find it helpful!

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