Goosebumps Books – Monster Blood

Another one of 9-yr-old Chase’s favorite series within a series is the Monster Blood books. It’s about just what you’d think it would be – monster blood! There’s 4 books in the original series, plus another added in the Horrorland series just recently. You can find the books as follows at Amazon:

Monster Blood (Classic Goosebumps)
Monster Blood II
Monster Blood III
Monster Blood IV
Monster Blood for Breakfast! (Goosebumps HorrorLand)

The five books above are sure to keep young readers that need a good spooky book interested for awhile. Even several months later, Chase can still tell you what the whole series was about and how awesome the ending was. Most Goosebumps books also have snips of the next book in the back, making them want to go out and seek the next in the series.

Be watching for more of our favorite Goosebumps books coming up!

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