Counting the days ’til Halloween

Oh oh oh…. it’s THAT time of year! Super duper excited that it’s now *completely* acceptable for me to be planning for Halloween. Never mind that we actually started a month ago.

So what do we have planned this year so far? Well, let’s see….


Pretty sure I’m classified as a Pinterest addict. It’s even worse around this time of year. I even added a brand new board – Halloween Makeup Ideas. Our costumes have yet to be set in stone, but thinking we are probably going with a Tim Burton style family costume set. That means we’ll be relying heavily on spooky makeup. WOO! My favorite.

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Penny Project Update

As we were writing our book, Recycled Crafts, there was a project we coined “The Penny Project”.  I knew wouldn’t be *completely* finished in time for the book release, but that was alright. Instructions for making “Penny letters” was complete, and up to the reader to decide what comes next. Here’s the expert from the book on the penny project….

 Step 3 – Attach Pennies

We used sparkle Mod Podge, so that it would add a bit more bling to the letters. It acted like a sealer and glue for the pennies.

Here’s the finished letters: Penny Letters

This project is far from finished, as we plan to make a large sign for the living room. However, we hope this tutorial gives you an idea or two on phrases for your wall, using cardboard as a background.

(Exert from Recycled Crafts: Crafts Made from Recycled Items)

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Repurposing Household Items: Recycled Crafts (Kindle)

The day has finally come! Recycled Crafts is now available on Kindle….
Recycled Crafts


Tackling projects with the “reuse, reduce, recycle” motto in mind, this book features basic step-by-step instruction using common recyclable items as the “canvas” for simple craft projects. 16 core ideas and instructions serve as the platform for hundreds of crafts and activities. Projects are family friendly, encouraging creativity and individuality in a group setting. Great book for families crafting looking for earth-friendly crafting projects on a budget.


Suggestions? Comments? Additions for the next version? ALL reviews will be taken into consideration for updates and future projects, so be sure to “rate and review” after you’ve finished, either here or on Amazon.

Adventures in Crafting: Why Safety is Important

Safety Tips for CraftingWhen we think of crafts or crafting, generally what comes to mind is safe items such as glue, paper, paint, or other non-threatening supplies. Yet even a pair of scissors can be an extremely dangerous tool if you don’t take precautions. Let me explain….

Last week I attempted to get caught up on a few projects, one that required me to cut the tops off water bottles. Generally I will use an Exact-o knife or box cutter to start the cut before using the scissors. I even have this in a few tutorials, where it is recommended to use something other than scissors to get it started. Yet this day I was in a hurry, and didn’t feel like tracking down additional supplies. Scissors would work, and did work, but not without a serious accident. While attempting to make that initial cut, the scissors went right though the plastic and into my finger on the other side. “OUCH” was an understatement. We all decided it didn’t need a stitch, but it certainly wasn’t a little scratch, and my crafting weekend was greatly hindered.

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Printable Checklist for Kids

One of the kids – I will not say who, so I don’t embarrass them – has a bit of a memory problem when it comes to personal care. Then again, proper personal care includes a lot of steps for someone just learning how to take care of themselves. We decided the best way to help them out is with a dry erase checklist….


Remember To.... checklist for the kids

Remember To…. checklist for the kids

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4th of July Decorations from Recycled Water Bottles

Over the last few years, we’ve made it a point to reuse and repurpose recycled materials.  Containers, bottles, and cans all make for fantastic craft projects. Making fun projects for the 4th of July only seemed natural. This is a GREAT idea for parties, especially because you make containers for functional party uses PLUS decoration at the same time……

Set of recycled water bottles in red, white, and blue.

Set of recycled water bottles in red, white, and blue.

—-> See Tutorial for Water Bottle Flowers to learn how to make these! <—-

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Recycled Water Bottle Flowers

Recycled Crafts: Water Bottle FlowersWhile I don’t like destroying the earth with my plastic water bottles, I seem to be addicted to them. Thus why when I saw this idea a few years ago, I completely fell in love.

The original video used spray paint, which in it’s way looks beautiful. Since painting is one of my favorite “lazy” activities, painting bottles with acrylic paint has been a normal monthly activity for the past two years. In fact, the family made a Poinsettia chain for a Christmas present to my step mother. She loved it, especially because it was homemade.  We have used variations of flowers by using different water bottles, cutting patterns, and colors.

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