January 30th, 2008

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you may be trying to come up with ideas for gift baskets. What’s great about gift baskets is the ability to put just about anything you want in. If you need some ideas, you can find a few general items as well as some specific ideas on our Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas page. Here’s just one specific idea from the page above: Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Put into large decorated cardboard heart box: pink sugar cookies you’ve made yourself their favorite sappy movie wine or de-alcohol wine scented candles heart candies or chocolates a coupon for a free back rub you will be giving a romantic music CD bubble bath To make it extra special, you can even make your own bubble bath or other bath & body products. Have fun!  Read More →

December 13th, 2007

Don’t forget your kids teachers on your Christmas list! If you need something quick and easy, you might want to get them a fun gift basket. Just a little something to show them how much you appreciate how important they are to your kids. There are several ideas on Idea Queen specifically for teacher gift baskets, so be sure to stop by if you need a few ideas. Happy Holidays!  Read More →

December 7th, 2007

No matter what the occasion, a gift basket can make a perfect gift. Kids especially will love getting a gift basket full of their favorite items. Idea Queen has an entire page of gift basket ideas just for kids. You’ll find ideas for both boys and girls, plus some specific types of gift basket ideas. Here’s one gift basket idea you’ll find on the page, which would make an excellent Christmas gift: Kid’s Bath Gift Basket Fill a basket with: Bubble bath No-tears shampoo and conditioner Bath crayons (they let kids write on the tub or the wall, then they wash off) Bath toys Bath mitt or decorative face cloth Printed towel Robe Slippers You can see more gift basket ideas for kids like this one at Idea Queen.  Read More →

November 20th, 2007

Christmas is sneaking up on us fast, and it’s about time we start thinking of Christmas gifts. We’ve given a few ideas already for homemade Christmas gift ideas, but we’ve yet to mention gift baskets. The great thing about gift baskets is you can fill them with whatever you want, and make them completely personal. On Idea Queen there is a page set up specifically for homemade Christmas gift basket ideas. You’ll find suggestions for what to include, as well as a few specific basket ideas. One of them is listed below. Homemade Christmas Gift Basket Fill a decorative Christmas box or tin with: assorted home-baked cookies assorted chocolates Christmas ornaments (better if you made them yourself) pre-recorded Christmas music tuck in some candy canes or foil wrapped chocolate Santas for a finishing touch Enjoy!  Read More →

August 31st, 2007

Gift baskets can be lots of fun creating. You can make millions of gift baskets and never do the same one twice. But just in case your creativity is running a little low, we’ve listed some free gift basket ideas on Idea Queen. Quite a few of these ideas actually come from an ebook we picked up some time ago. It’s actually available in with the Gift Jar recipes ebook, which alone has some pretty cool ideas as well. (If you didn’t know, Gift Jars are pretty hot right now, as they should be because they are a pretty cool gift!) Some of the free gift basket ideas you’ll find on our site and in the ebook are: - Kids Gift Basket Ideas - Birthday Gift Basket Ideas - Christmas Gift Basket Ideas - Teacher Gift Basket Ideas Plus a whole lot more. Those are just the categories, which each has quite a few ideas within the pages. Some...