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PostHeaderIcon Bag of Bones – Stephen King

If you couldn’t tell already, I love Stephen King books. Every time I think I’m going to read something by a different author, another Stephen King seems to land in my lap or catch my attention at the library. Bag of Bones was given to me by my dad, and so far is one of my absolute favorites. Then again, I have yet to read a King that I didn’t love.

This book started out a little slow, although I still couldn’t put it down. There’s that strange hook with Stephen King books that even though you know what your reading isn’t all THAT interesting, there’s something lurking around the corner and you just KNOW it. Plus of course Stephen King’s style of writing and his quirky humor keep you wanting to read more and find out what happens.
Bag of Bones is about a successful author who has just lost his wife, and is plagued by nightmares of their summer home on the lake. When he comes down with a nasty case of writers block, he retreats to the lakeside house where he uncovers a mystery set up by his deceased wife.

This is an EXCELLENT read. As with several King books, it’s written from the point of view of a character who is figuring out what’s going on right along with you. You have absolutely NO idea where the story is going right up until the very end.

HIGHLY recommended – you can pick up Bag of Bones at Amazon.

PostHeaderIcon Goosebumps: The Ghost Next Door

It’s hard keeping track of all the Goosebumps books my 9yr old has read over the years. Seems like each week he’s reading 4 or 5 of them, and it’s amazing he hasn’t run out yet. Somehow, though, he always seems to find ones he hasn’t read.

This week from his stack he’s picked out The Ghost Next Door, which is about girl named Hannah who finds herself with a very interesting new neighbor – a ghost boy! He disappears and reappears with little warning, making hardly any noises. The house he lives in is all but deserted and he’s so pale. He’s got to be a ghost, right?

As with all the Goosebumps books, this is an excellent read and keeps you interested clear up until the end. Comes highly recommended from 9yr old Chase!

You can see more Goosebumps books as well as other books from R.L. Stine at Amazon

PostHeaderIcon Recommended Reading: Dolores Claiborne

Dolores Claiborne

I’m sure there aren’t many who haven’t heard of Stephen King’s Dolores Claiborne. It was a pretty big hit, being made into a movie in the late 90s, which stared Kathy Bates. I have a tendency of watching the movie before I read the book, which seems to work well for me.

If you have seen the movie, you’ll know it’s about a woman (Dolores Claiborne), telling the story of how she plotted to have her husband killed, and the reasons why. While most movies from books don’t even come close to doing the book justice, this one wasn’t too bad. The series of events and specific lines even were kept in tact so you still got whole story. However, this IS a Stephen King book we’re talking about here. The book is ALWAYS worth a read.

What stands out in particular about the book Dolores Claiborne is the way it’s written. Leave it to Stephen King to really pull you in with his own unique style of writing. All the events and full story is being told by Dolores herself, with all her quirky sayings and interesting form of grammar. Hard to read? No. Interesting to read? Absolutely.

You can pick up Dolores Claiborne at Amazon

Gerald’s Game

If you do decide to read Dolores Claiborne (again, highly recommended, even if you’ve already seen the movie), you absolutely must read Gerald’s Game. It’s a parallel to Dolores Claiborne, in which you’ll find the “connection” to them both, even though Gerald’s Game is set some 20 years after Dolores kills her husband.

What I loved about this book, as with many of Stephen King’s book, is it starts out with “the main event”. This particular Stephen King novel was never made into a movie for good reason – the main character, Jessie, spends the majority of the book handcuffed to a bed with her dead husband on the floor.

Only Stephen King could write a book with only one real character, and her slide into insanity. Fun dialogue includes her talking to various voices in her head, and a few unexpected visitors into the bedroom. Very dark humor, but an EXCELLENT read.

You can pick up Gerald’s Game at Amazon as well.

Other Books by Stephen King

If your craving more twisted yet somehow entertaining horror, you can find all Stephen King Books at Amazon. I love how they have a nice layout of all his books, along with author bio and interviews. I don’t think there’s many who don’t know who Stephen King is, but it serves as a nice info page for fans.

Amazon is highly recommended if your looking to buy books of any kind, since this is their main focus and there’s several buying options to chose from. The prices are excellent and service fantastic as well.


PostHeaderIcon Goosebumps Books – Monster Blood

Another one of 9-yr-old Chase’s favorite series within a series is the Monster Blood books. It’s about just what you’d think it would be – monster blood! There’s 4 books in the original series, plus another added in the Horrorland series just recently. You can find the books as follows at Amazon:

Monster Blood (Classic Goosebumps)
Monster Blood II
Monster Blood III
Monster Blood IV
Monster Blood for Breakfast! (Goosebumps HorrorLand)

The five books above are sure to keep young readers that need a good spooky book interested for awhile. Even several months later, Chase can still tell you what the whole series was about and how awesome the ending was. Most Goosebumps books also have snips of the next book in the back, making them want to go out and seek the next in the series.

Be watching for more of our favorite Goosebumps books coming up!

PostHeaderIcon Goosebumps Books – Night of the Living Dummy

This recommendation comes from the 9-yr old boy, who absolutely loves Goosebumps books. He’s picked out a few of his favorites, which I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks in parts. Yes, he really does read THIS MUCH that we had to break up this selection of books in to parts!

Night of the Living Dummy

To start off, we’re going to share Chase’s love for a particular series within the Goosebumps series – Night of the Living Dummy. These he’s read a few times, and are fantastic for those just starting out reading Goosebumps. They encourage kids to keep reading on their favorite characters, then expand to a favorite author.

Here’s a list of all the Night of the Living Dummy books:

Night Of The Living Dummy
Night of the Living Dummy II
Night Of The Living Dummy III
Bride of the Living Dummy
Revenge of the Living Dummy (from Horrorland Series)

5 books in all, each guaranteed to spook little readers, yet keep them begging for more of not just our friend Slappy, but Goosebumps in general. Highly recommended by 9yr old Chase!

PostHeaderIcon Recommended Reading Lists

We’ve added a brand new section here on Idea Queen, born out of my and the boy’s love for good books. Within this category you’ll see some of our personal recommended reading lists for adults and kids. You can read a little more about us here, and what we like, or you can skip right to some recommended reading from Amazon

Mom’s Reading Habbits

No one ever accused the Idea Queen of being a girly girl. Romance novels are out, and chances are you won’t see a single one on my recommended reading lists. I much prefer stories about ghosts, horror, and all things unnatural. My all time favorite, hands down, is Stephen King. You’ll see quite a few of his books popping up on my list!

Chase’s Reading Habits

Chase is a 9yr old boy, with a taste for horror just like his mom. You’ll find a lot of Goosebumps books on his list, with R.L. Stine being one of his favorite authors. Just like all boys his age, he also likes anything goofy. Jim Davis will show up in this section often as well.

Jillian’s Reading Habits

While Jillian is just starting to read on her own, she knows what she likes. Being a 7yr old girl, she loves series books or books featuring a single character. Amelia Bedelia has always been one of her favorites, but she’s slowly finding other characters as well. Her recommended reading will be more for the youngest crowd, with very little horror involved.

About the Reading Corner

Our new section here on Idea Queen, which we’ve labeled, the Reading Corner, will feature recommended reading lists from all three of us. We’ll post book reviews, general recommendations, and other suggestions based on our reading taste. We’re not exactly normal, but we hope you’ll find some fun books to read based on our suggestions.

As always, your own suggestions are welcome!