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Splashes of Purple and Green

Wall Colors

My dad always stressed to me the importance of white walls. They go with everything, it makes the house easier to sell, and blah blah blah. When I showed him our color scheme for the girl’s bedroom, I thought he was going to have a heart attack.

Since I’ve given up hope of ever selling my house, I thought it was time to paint the walls something other than white. We know it can’t be painted over so easy, but we really don’t care. After seeing the purple and green walls (color scheme pictured above), we totally fell in love. It’s prompted more projects using our two favorite colors and we can’t stop doodling.

Pinterest has lent some amazing kids room decorating ideas for us, and actually where we started before we picked out the two main colors. Of course, when I started looking around, I wanted to immediately rush home and get started. Sadly it has not been a “quick and easy” job transforming the boring bedroom into a semi-teen room, yet we are still pushing forward.

Even though Pinterest got us started, some other neat ideas have been proposed….

Pop Art + Doodling

When my 14-yr-old cousin cut this out of the Monster box, she was really just doing it to keep herself entertained. I, however, saw it as a repurposing project. Pop art, as I’ve been calling it, since it uses modern images and mixed media. We plan to put it in a frame and hang it on the wall for the previously mentioned teen who (obviously) has a fetish for Monsters.

Decorated Outlet Cover

This project came from a pin on Pinterest. Only one word describes it – FUN! It’s so easy to sit and doodle on the blank covers when I’m socializing at The Hot Spot or when the kids and I need something to do. Funny thing is, we’ve had a lot of comments from fellow loungers who absolutely love it. Even my mother-in-law threatened to run off with it, because she LOVES anything purple. I foresee fun and easy Christmas projects!


Additional DIY projects include transforming the broken piano into useful centerpiece, chalkboard painting, and turning a toddler bookshelf into a teen room bookshelf. I wanted to paint my daughter’s dresser, but she’s stuck on it staying a solid black. No worries, I still have my 12-yr-old boy’s room to design and plenty of creativity leftover!

Disney Princess Room Decorations

I like to think of myself as a frugal shopper. If I can find the easiest and cheapest room decorations, I’m all over it. Plus when it comes to room decorations, I’m more likely to find items that are easily changed later on as tastes change. This is especially true when dealing with things meant for little ones, as they’ll eventually grow out of it.

Here are a few inexpensive items we’ve found for Disney Princess room decorations:

Disney Princess Bedding

If your doing a room in the princess theme, you can’t forget the bedding! This is something you need regardless, so I feel like this cost is more than justified. I absolutely love Amazon for their prices on lots of stuff like this. You can find the pictured Disney Princess Bedding (Twin Three Piece Comforter Set) at Amazon for no more than you’d pay for any other bedding set.

If you want to go a little cheaper and use, say, regular pink bedding, you can decorate just a touch with something as simple (and cheap!) as a Disney Princess Pillow Case Set (2 Pillowcases).

Room Organizers

You can never have enough organizers in a house, and especially in a kid’s room. We area ALWAYS in search of more storage options for toys, clothes, and other items. Check out this Disney Princess 3 Bin Organizer with Roll Out Toy Box available at Amazon. This is one item that might outlive your little girl’s obsession with princess items, but you’ll still get a lot of use out of it.

If you want something a little different, you can also check out this Disney Princess Chair Desk with Pull Out Under The Seat Storage Bin also available at Amazon. Decoration, organization, and something extra useful all in one. Very adorable, too!

Disney Princess Wall Decorations

Princess & Pearls Self-Stick Wall Appliques
I can’t think of a cheaper way to decorate walls with your favorite Disney princesses. You can start with white walls and add and kind of wall decorations you want. The above is just one example of the several styles available.

Other Disney Princess Room Decorations

Now that we’ve covered a few of the basics, here’s a few more additional items for decoration a room in the princess theme.

Disney Princess Room Décor in a Box
Doesn’t get much easier than this. There’s all kinds of stuff in this box, including wall decor, hangers, bookends, and more. Worth checking out that’s for sure, especially at the price (much, much less than you’d think for all that’s included!)

Marshmallow Fun Furniture High Back Chair
Chairs are awesome. Even after they grow out of the character, they tend to still use the chair. We’ve got a few around here that get drug into the livingroom on a daily basis. Perfect for movie watching, playing games on the TV, or just hanging out.

Still need a few more ideas? Check out the full line of Disney Princess Room Decorations on Amazon

Fun Kids Room Decor

Let’s face it – the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to decorate a kids room is with posters. Not just any posters though, but rather ones features their own personal interests.

For Christmas I had found a book of Hanna Montana posters that included probably 10 or more sheet-of-paper-sized posters. Since I have a Hanna Montana fan, this made an excellent gift. It also dressed up her room a lot, and she loved it.

Full size posters are also great, and both my kids have those on their walls as well. We got them pretty cheap, spending no more than $5 on each of them.

But what else can you use for fun kids room decor? Well, how about some personalized art?

Just about every place that sells crafts also sells poster boards for a little bit of nothing. You know, the giant sheets of paper the same size as a full size poster, usually made from cardstock or other sturdy paper. While you are there, pick up some crafty items such as paint, glitter glue, foam stickers, colored feathers, or whatever else catches your attention.

With all your supplies ready, let the kids have at it! You could make a whole day around this craft project, then help them put it up on their wall when they are finished. Not only are you giving them something fun to do, but allowing them to get involved in the design of their room. See? Fun, easy, cheap. Perfect!

Cheap Kids Room Decorations

A month or two ago, before they even started work on our house, my daughter found something of interest at the dollar store. It was a small wood hanging picture that says “Angel” on it. Very simple, very cheap (we were at the REAL dollar store, where everything is a dollar and no more)……yet it  made her so very happy. She decided it would go up on her wall as soon as they were done with her room.

Now that they are just about finished with her room, we’ll have to be on the look out for more things just like that. Even though she begged for pink walls, I decided they would be white and we’d decorate. I know from experience little girls don’t always like pink for long, so painting her walls pink would have been asking for trouble.

Some of the decoration we’ll be adding will be regular posters (like the ones you find at Walmart for a few bucks), more pictures like we found at the dollar store, and of course her own handmade decorations. Whatever can be easily removed later on. She’s also getting shelves built right into the wall, so I’m sure a few items will be displayed there too.

It’s not hard to please a 5 year old, and you can do it as cheap as possible if you know where to look. ;)

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Since we are remodeling the house right now, I thought I would share a source I found for lighting, both indoor and outdoor.

Willow Glen has a very organized website, and a huge selection on just about any kind of lighting you can think of. They really stress the fact their items are high quality, so it’s worth checking out the site if are like me and tired of the junk at Walmart. I want something that’s going to last more than a year, so it’s time to look at more high quality products like these.

The indoor lighting on the site includes floor lamps (like for bedrooms – there are some REALLY nice styles there) as well as wall figures (which there are a few places are needing some of those as well).

The outdoor lighting includes not just exterior wall fixtures (which both our front and back lights need replacing), but garden and landscaping lights as well. This will probably be the last item we look for while remodeling since there’s so much that needs to be done inside, but I’m still bookmarking the site.

Anyway, there’s some really beautiful items on the site to see. Go take a look!

Blinds for Kids Rooms

This can be a tricky one. Kids can destroy a room faster than you can pick it up, so you’ll really want to get blinds or curtains of some sort that are going to hold up.

That really goes for any room for that matter – I can’t tell you how many different sets of blinds we’ve had all over the house. The only ones that have survived were in areas they never go.

Blinds in general should be avoided if you have small children. The strings are too tempting to pull, they get caught in them, and they are just way too easy to break. You are better off sticking with some type of curtain that’s safe, such as this Butterfly Bamboo Curtain from YourKidsDirect. I love this particular curtain because it’s a lot harder for them to tear down and it looks really nice in any room.

Now if the kids are older, your blinds should be safe. Take a trip to your local Walmart or Target to see what’s available for cheap blinds. Or you could take a look at the Ready-Made 2 Faux Wood Blinds, 23W x 64L available from HomeVisions. They have several different colors and sizes listed for you to choose. One major plus to shopping online is you can measure your windows just seconds before buying. It’s a lot easier than having to write it down then forgetting the paper when you go out shopping.

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