Adventures in Crafting: Why Safety is Important

Safety Tips for CraftingWhen we think of crafts or crafting, generally what comes to mind is safe items such as glue, paper, paint, or other non-threatening supplies. Yet even a pair of scissors can be an extremely dangerous tool if you don’t take precautions. Let me explain….

Last week I attempted to get caught up on a few projects, one that required me to cut the tops off water bottles. Generally I will use an Exact-o knife or box cutter to start the cut before using the scissors. I even have this in a few tutorials, where it is recommended to use something other than scissors to get it started. Yet this day I was in a hurry, and didn’t feel like tracking down additional supplies. Scissors would work, and did work, but not without a serious accident. While attempting to make that initial cut, the scissors went right though the plastic and into my finger on the other side. “OUCH” was an understatement. We all decided it didn’t need a stitch, but it certainly wasn’t a little scratch, and my crafting weekend was greatly hindered.

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We Will Miss You, Anita

It’s a strange feeling when a close online friend passes away. No body around you quite “gets it”. I mean, those around you might understand it’s sad to lose a friend. But they can’t understand how an online friend is hard to lose, because they never knew them. Also, the world around you revolves like it always did without change, while deep down something is missing.

It’s especially difficult when losing an online friend as special as Anita DeFrank.

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