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Soap by 8yr Old Jillian

Rarely do we do a lot of self-promotion here, but this one I’ve just got to brag on. My daughter Jillian has been working SO hard on her soaps the past few weeks, and I believe she deserves this little nudge.

Over the weekend she was super excited to attend her first craft show over Thanksgiving weekend (she had a few soaps out among our candles) where she did in fact make a few sales. This was one happy little girl to make her first sale that wasn’t a family member! She’ll be going with us again to a craft show in December where I hope she’ll make even more sales.

Since finally “breaking out” and selling a few, she’s come up with some new soaps that I think are absolutely ADORABLE. Same molds as she’s been using, but this time with a new design. She calls them “tie-dye soaps”. (See picture below of the hearts)

She just did these tonight in two batches. The first was in blue/green in “Mystic Woods” scent. The second was in pink/blue (which looks mostly purple with a marbled look) in “Princess” scent. Both these scents have a nice perfume-like fragrance, and all the soap is currently Goats Milk (our favorite!)

We’re getting them up on her Etsy store a little at a time. I’m nudging her to make me more of her Almond Oatmeal soap as well (almond scent with real oatmeal mixed in), so hopefully we’ll have a few of those up by the end of the week. We also got her a “regular shaped” mold, so she can get creative with her designs. The kid is just bursting with ideas, and I couldn’t be more proud. :)

Need Recipes by Ingredient?

Here’s another little gem of a site I found on Stumble a few weeks back. It’s a recipe search engine so to speak, but set up where you can put in 1 to 5 ingredients, or the recipe name itself. Talk about a simple way to find a recipe! Google couldn’t have done it better.

I popped in a few ingredients and came up with several thousand recipes, broken down by type (appetizer, main dish, etc). So you know the database is HUGE and worth a serious look.

Check out Ideas 4 Recipe – I have it bookmarked now!

Fun with Daily Steals

I am completely in love with this site.

Usually I don’t get caught up in many shopping sites. When I need something, I generally go to Amazon. However, Daily Steals has me buying not just things I need, but at some majorly deep discounts. The best deal I believe I’ve found here was the Pillow Pets for my daughter for less than $10 (including shipping!). She’s been wanting one for a long time, but I’ve never been able to justify the cost of it, until I saw it on Daily Steals. She’s going to be mighty surprised on her birthday!

The idea behind Daily Steals is to offer not just a whole lot of products at regular prices, but one offer a day at one heck of a deal. They’ve recently taken it a step further and started offering a few other products each day in specific categories. Each deal is only available for 24 hours, and changes late at night. Be warned though – sometimes deals DO run out, so best not to wait until the last minute.

Another fun aspect of Daily Steals is the raffle tickets. When you create your account (for free, of course), sign up to the newsletter to be notified of new daily deals, or when you order an item, you get a ticket. These tickets can be redeemed for various prizes. I’ve currently got my eye on the Amazon gift certificate, which is only 35 tickets. At the rate I’ve been finding items I need, it shouldn’t take me long. Yes, the site really is that good!

Visit Daily Steals to grab your free tickets and check out the deal of the day.

Have fun ;)

Where to Buy Cheap MP3s

Alright so this isn’t what you normally see here at Idea Queen. We tend to stay focused on recipes, crafts, and discounts. But my nagging love of music and a recent purchase has me bragging. Yes I’ve moved into the new century when it comes to downloading music. I found places to buy cheap mp3s. *GRIN*

So here’s a few sites I’ve stumbled on that offer legal music downloads. What’s listed below are both places to buy full CDs (one time) and monthly sites offering unlimited downloads. Depending on which fits your needs is which service you’ll need to go with.

1. MP3s at Amazon
My favorite place to buy cheap mp3s, but only because it’s the only place I’ve purchased them. Plus of course I have no desire to buy multiple tracks and albums a month. Just one album here and there is all I’m really interested in, and Amazon seems to have the lowest prices for this option. Also, it’s a site I trust 100%, which is pretty important when looking for legal music to download. I was able to burn CDs from these as well. That’s another important point to me, since I like to have my music in the car.

2. eMusic
If you download alot of mp3s in a month, this might be a better option for you. They have a variety of subscription options. Basically if you buy more than one full album a month, you’ll want to check out this site since you can get your music downloads for about half the price as you can on Amazon.

3. Real Network
If your more interested in mp3s in addition to other entertainment (movies, tv shows, etc), this is probably your best option. Again it’s a monthly fee site, but depending on how often you would use all their services, it might be a great investment for all your entertainment needs.

So there’s the top three places to buy cheap mp3s – LEGALLY and SAFELY I might add, since spyware and malicious programs have become such a problem on the internet. I’ll be sticking to Amazon for the most part, since I’ve always loved owning the full CD and hearing songs I wouldn’t otherwise hear on the radio or find on free sites (that aren’t legal or safe, so I avoid anyway).

While this is a little different from our norm here at Idea Queen, I hope it gave you a few resources for finding music you love!

Social Sites for Moms

When your stuck in the house day after day with a little one as your main source of conversation, you start to crave adult attention in a major way. Of course we love our children and our private world with them (well, most of us anyway), but we all need a vacation sometimes.

Here are a few social sites for moms you can join to save your sanity and take a much needed mommy break:

Share some personal stories, play some games, and meet some frazzled moms just like you. A very “real” community of parents just looking to relax. Groups help you connect with similar moms too, and share your interests with them.

Frugal Mom
Need some ideas for saving money? Here’s the forum to be! Share your ideas as well with their well organized topics. Other discussion welcome – you don’t HAVE to just talk about finances!

Mom Bloggers Club
Need to vent? Want to chat? Here’s the place to be. Set up your own blog and rant away. You’ll get support from other parents, and read what others are talking about as well. A new way to connect with other moms via blogs instead of email groups or forums.

Mommy’s Helper Community
Are you a mom in business? Then Mommy’s Helper is a must visit. Chat with other moms in a variety of different businesses including direct sales, blogging, and crafting. Heavily moderated so no sneaky spam allowed!

Those are the top social sites for moms we’ve had a chance to look at most recently. Please feel free to add some of your own in the comments!

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