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Top 10 Dance Games for Wii

There’s no shortage of Wii dance games. With good reason, though – they’re fun and you get a good workout.

You should keep in mine when buying dance games for Wii that they are meant for entertainment first and foremost. Should you get a workout or pick up a new dance move, that’s just a bonus.

We’ve put together a list of 10 dance games for Wii here at Idea Queen to give you an easy reference when looking for some fun new games. The first 2 are games we own and love, while the rest are rated top games on Amazon based on their reviews.

1. We Cheer 2
By far our favorite Wii game, even more so than the original We Cheer. While there really aren’t more songs (both We Cheer games have about the same number of songs, no repeats), we appreciated the different levels of difficulty. Instead of just 2 levels for each song, there’s now 3 and they’re a little more evened out (easy really is easy, normal is a bit of a challenge, and hard really is hard!). Since it’s focused on arm movement, you don’t have to learn complicated steps, but still get a nice workout.

2.We Cheer
The original We Cheer game was one of our all time favorite Wii games. The selection of songs were a nice mix of classic, new, and current Disney favorites. We especially liked the 2 player option to it, and the fact we only needed 2 regular Wii remotes. No extra equipment. It was a great “starter”, and we still play it once in awhile, even though the 2nd has proved to be more fun.

3. Just Dance
Features over 30 different songs, also with a nice range of classics from 70s, 80s, 90s, and today. What we like the most about this game is it doesn’t require a dance mat – just the Wii remotes, like our previous 2.

4. Just Dance 2
Better than the original? Possibly! If you liked the original Just Dance, there’s a good chance you’ll completely fall in love with the second. Includes over 40 different songs for more dancing similar to the first.

5. Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party Bundle
Great selection of songs, however, you do need a dance mat for this game. The plus side is, Amazon has an excellent selection of both new and used bundles for the game and mat both.

6. Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2
Already have Dance Dane Revolution and the mat? Try the next one out! More songs from the last 4 decades to get you up and moving.

7. Gold’s Gym Dance Workout
If your looking for something that puts a bit more focus on workout, this is the game for you. It doesn’t use a dance mat, and has the option for using only one or two Wii remote (as does Wii Cheer). Has some of the similar songs as the other dance games, but still enough variety to keep you interested.

8. Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves
If some of the other Wii Dance Games have “suggestive” moves you don’t care for, this one might be a better option. Do note it does require a dance mat, and some kids may have some problems keeping up with the moves. However, if it’s a challenge they’re looking for, you might love this game.

9. Dancing with the Stars: We Dance!
If you’re looking for more games that does NOT use a dance mat, this one might be best. Uses remote and nunckuk only. If your a big fan of the Dancing with the Stars, this Wii dance game might be perfect for you.

10. Dance on Broadway
Are you a big fan of musicals? Give this Wii dance game a go! Features 20 different Broadway musical songs, complete with Broadway-style choreography. Uses just Wii remotes…no need to have a dance mat!

Have fun!

Wii Review: Wii Music

Wii Music Review

By Elizabeth Cowen

Average Score: 3.71 out of 5
Read more about our scoring system here

We were very excited about this game when we first saw it was coming out. My husband and I pre-ordered it at the game store weeks before it came out and rushed to the mall to get it the day it was available. Things did not go as well as planned. We no longer have the game. It was the first Wii game that we sold.

Fun Factor 2 out 5
This game was fun for a couple of days. I really enjoyed the handbell game, but it got boring quickly. I thought my children would enjoy making the music videos, but they lost interest after the first try.

Family/Group Factor – 5 out of 5

For a family that enjoys the game it is a great family game. There are lots of musical instrument choices and the ability for the whole family to make videos together.

Too Easy or Too Hard – 3 out of 5
The different instruments were not hard to learn. The directions for the different things you can do on the game are almost non-existent. After playing for a week I still had no idea of what I was supposed to be doing to unlock new lessons.

Activity Factor – 3 out of 5
Most of the instruments can be played without standing up. There is some activity in moving your arms to play music, but if you are looking for a game to get your family off the couch and moving this is not the game for you.

Child Friendly – 5 out of 5
Everything in this game can played by any age. Even my 2 year old was able to get in on making videos with us.

Variety – 5 out of 5
I played this game for several weeks and never played all of the instruments that are available. There are lots of choices in instruments, locations, video covers, and more.

Addiction – 3 out of 5
I could see this having a higher addiction score if your family enjoys making the videos and sending them to friends. My family never got into this game so we had a low addiction score.

Additional Comments on Wii Music

My family quickly traded this game for another game. We tried to play it several times during the month we had it, but no one in the family ever seemed to get into it.

See more reviews of Wii Music at Amazon

Wii Game Review: Carnival Games

Average Score:
2.86 out of 5

Read about our scoring system here

Don’t let the average score above scare you completely off this game, as we have rated it based on seven different areas of scoring which we feel are important for family games that keep you entertained while getting you in shape. This review is mostly for families looking for great games to play with elementary-aged children, and was tested by a mom, an eight year old boy, and a six year old girl. The details of this Nintendo Wii game review can be seen below.

Review of Carnival Games

Fun Factor – 3 out of 5
Carnival scored a little low on the fun factor, simply because some of the games were quite frustrating and based only on luck. The kids seem to like it, but not quite as much as the original Wii sports. You play for virtual prizes and tickets, which I thought they would get into, but they didn’t that much. They do like unlocking things, but for some reason it just isn’t enough of a draw to keep playing.

Family/Group Factor – 4 out of 5
Since there is a multi-player option for both multiple remotes and only one, we scored this game pretty well on the family factor. Everyone can get involved at the same time and play against eachother just like you can play alone. The only difference is you don’t get the tickets and prizes like you do alone. Still, being able to play together is important, and this game delivers.

Too Easy or Too Hard – 2 out of 5
Was it too easy? Absolutely not. The learning curve for some of the games was actually quite difficult and my kids had a heck of time. Many of them they quickly gave up on saying it was way too hard. Plus several are based on more luck than skill, leaving little room to improve on and lots of frustration.

Activity Factor – 1 out of 5
We weren’t too impressed with the activity factor on this game, since many of them you can even sit down and do. If you do have to stand up, the motions are rather weak. Two of the games actually require vigorous movements for a very brief moment, thus the reason it did get a 1.

Child Friendly – 2 out of 5
While the carnival theme and ability to change clothing or add goofy items is child friendly, some of the things said on this game are not. The vendors of the games can be quite rude at times, and my six year old actually pointed this out. She actually pouted a bit when they’d say things like “Are you even trying?” or “Maybe if you’d actually win we’d give you a prize!”. While I’m sure they were trying to get the whole carnival game experience, I didn’t think this was actually good for a child self-esteem.

Variety – 5 out of 5
Variety was the strongest point of the game, since there are quite a few games you can play right away and unlock as you go (unlike some games, the majority of the games are already unlocked while just a few are locked that aren’t even part of the “main” selection of games, but rather “super” games based on only scoring instead of tickets). This is a great game if you are looking for multiple activities for the kids, and the main reason we purchased it. I figured there would be plenty of room for them to find favorites and games the kids could easily play.

Addiction – 3 out of 5
There is a slight addiction quality to Carnival with the whole ticket and prize system, but not much. Some games weren’t hard to reach the “Jumbo Prize” level and a few bonuses were fairly easy to get with 25 or 50 tickets. However, I don’t know as I’d want to sit and play until we had 300 or 500 tickets just so I could wear something on my character. Plus of course I don’t have “I’ve done something useful” feeling as I do with Wii Sports. The kids will play for maybe 20 minutes before wanting to switch to something else that’s more entertaining. They aren’t too interested in unlocking items. My six year old has a computer game she collects tickets with and does enjoy it, but this one just doesn’t seem to have the same pull.

Additional Comments

If you are looking for a slightly lazy game for the family, you might like it. I think we would have liked it more if not for the comments the vendors make. Carnival might be better suited for an older child who wouldn’t get quite so frustrated by the difficulty and rude comments.

My advice is to rent this game first if you have doubts on if it would be a good family game for you.

See more reviews of Carnival Games at Amazon

Wii Review: Spiderman – Web of Shadows

Spiderman: Web of Shadows Review

Average Score: 3.71 out of 5
(Read about our scoring system here)

Don’t dismiss this game just yet – the reason for our lower score is only because of the low “family” aspect of the game. If you are looking for a great game for a boy who loves Spiderman, this is a perfect fit!

Fun Factor 5 out 5
While mom and sister weren’t too excited about the game, the 8 year old boy of the house was very much into it and played it for hours. I haven’t seen this kid play a game as much as he did Spiderman – Web of Shadows in ages. He REALLY loved this game!

Family/Group Factor – 2 out of 5
This is basically a one player game, and all the rest of the family could do was watch. However, my 6 year old daughter DID sit and watch her brother play with zero whinning about wanting to play something too. She was perfectly happy to watch him play, thus the reason we did give this game a 2. I rarely see my youngest actually WATCH without wanting to join.

Too Easy or Too Hard – 4 out of 5
It only took my 8 year old a few minutes to figure out all the controls, then he was good to go with very few problems. Would a younger child figure them out so easily? I don’t know. Plus there is some needed reading skills to help you along with the missions, so this probably wouldn’t be the best for real little ones.

Activity Factor – 3 out of 5
While there wasn’t a whole lot of jumping around, my son did stand the majority of the time he played and did a few Spiderman-like moves (web slinging, for example). Just the simple fact that he was up and moving a little for a few hours earned this game a 3 in the activity factor.

Child Friendly – 4 out of 5
If you are a big fan of the Spiderman cartoons and have no quams about cartoon violence, then this is a very child-friendly game. Should you mess up a bit, the game is good about not teasing for losing (while he was playing, I heard a character say “No problem, try again” or something similar in an upbeat voice). There is, however, fighting in Spiderman style.

Variety – 4 out of 5

Instead of the old fashion Mario games where you go from level to level, this game gives you missions to complete instead. I loved the set up and the ability to roam freely around the city.

Addiction – 4 out of 5

Since there was no frustration and it was overall a fun game for the boy, the addiction level was quite high. There’s the aspect of wanting to complete all your missions that keeps the kids wanting to play for so long.

Additional Comments

Overall this game is a perfect for one kid needing a personal game, but not so great if you are looking for something to do with the whole family. Since our whole drive at this site is to find games that work for everyone, we had no choice but to give it the lower score. Taking out the family factor you have yourself an excellent game for a die-hard Spiderman fan.

Buy Spider-Man: Web of Shadows at Amazon

Wii Cheer 2 Review

Wii Cheer 2 Review

Average Score: 4.71 out of 5
(Read more about our scoring system)

The first We Cheer has always been one of our favorites. When the second one came out, we couldnt waite to get our hands on it. It did not disappoint, and is even better than the first. New songs, new moves, better levels, and new characters. This has become a fast addiction!

Buy We Cheer 2 at Amazon

Fun Factor – 5 out 5
As if the first one wasn’t fun enough, this one is even better. There’s some new moves and lots of new songs (quite a few that mom is in love with, actually). It’s even more addicting than the first one, that’s for sure.

Family/Group Factor – 4 out of 5
An improvement to the first We Cheer is they added boys to the squad. Even though my 9yr old son still isn’t quite interested in it, some boys might be. Not all the songs are “girly girl” songs, so they could get into it too. There’s also a 2 player option as in the first one, where you can cheer together using just 2 remotes.

Too Easy or Too Hard – 5 out of 5
Another improvement from the first We Cheer is they’ve added an “easy” level which you can work on and still unlock new songs. Instead of “hard” and “harder”, there’s now “beginner”, “intermediate”, and “advanced”. The little ones should have no problems getting past the beginner levels, but still a challenge for the advanced levels so it keeps you playing.

Activity Factor – 5 out of 5

At first I thought it was slightly less than the original We Cheer, but quickly found out this wasnt the case. It does get you moving and I was VERY sore the next day after playing this for just an hour.

Child Friendly – 4 out of 5
There’s still no voice in the second We Cheer, and you are forced to read some things on the screen. This could be a problem for younger ones wanting to play. Also some of the songs, while edited, you may have a problem with. Songs such as “Just Dance – Lady GaGa” and “Girlfriend – Aviral” may not be the best for little ones.

Variety – 5 out of 5
Another improvement in the second addition of our favorite game is the amount of variety. You have the ability to unlock songs faster, and start out with more than in the original. There’s also a new challenge area you get to unlock as you go up in rank.

Addiction – 5 out of 5
Several hours logged and we still have yet to “beat” the game. This is for sure addictive, and it’s hard to find a stopping point. I’ve heard myself saying “just one more song!” many times, even going back to my favorite songs and trying to beat my high scores even though I haven’t gotten through everything yet.

Additional Comments

As mentioned before, they’ve made a LOT of improvements to the first We Cheer, making this one of our new favorites. Even still we go back to the orignal once in awhile to play some of our favorite cheers, but this one has kept us well entertained. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Buy We Cheer 2 at Amazon

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