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Cheap Clothes Shopping

Kids grow out of clothes faster than we can buy them. If you are lucky, you have family and friends who pass down clothes. Some aren't so lucky though.

Idea Queen has made a list of some ideas for cheap clothes shopping for those of you who have no choice but to buy clothes for your kids. Make sure your kids have a nice closet full without breaking the bank!

How To Shop

If you watch sales, you are almost always going to find a good deal. Don't buy just because the rack says "50% off", because it's a good possibility the clothes were marked way too high in the first place. Check all prices before throwing it into your cart.

Another way to go cheap clothes shopping is to buy your clothes on a regular basis instead of all at once. If you see an outfit for a decent price, grab it. Even if the item is slightly too big or the wrong season. You'll do much better buying shorts in the winter instead of spring, and sweaters in the spring instead of fall.

Also make sure you replace clothes as they wear out. If a pair of jeans is starting to look ragged, start cheap clothes shopping for another. Don't wait until the week before school to buy 5 pairs. Back to school shopping CAN be a good way to go cheap clothes shopping, but only if you watch specials and don't have too many items to buy.

Where to Shop

Where to shop is even more important than HOW you go cheap clothes shopping. Some places will have new clothes for a good prices, while others you'll have to wait until the item is on sale.

Dollar Stores
On occation, you can go cheap clothes shopping at the dollar stores around town. Their selection may not be the best and the clothes may not be the greatest quality, but you still may find a few deals.

Not always the lowest prices, so be sure to watch prices carefully. Some local Walmarts have a rack in the baby and toddler section with very cheap clothes which match with almost any outfit. You can pick up quite a few of these items for as little as $2. Granted they won't have their favorite characters on them, but you won't have to worry about finding "the other half" of an outfit.

While they have a great selection and very nice clothes, they come with a price. Watch local flyers for sales, and only buy off discount racks.

Consignment Shops & Garage Sales
Used clothes are often in wonderful shape. When you are going cheap clothes shopping for used clothes, make sure you also donate some of your old clothes as well. I once found a pair of brand new Old Navy jeans (adult size) for $5! You can also find nice shoes and other items at places like this.

The largest store online, which an excellent selection of clothes. While you would think brand new clothes online would be expensive, you can actually find clothes at Amazon with some pretty heavy discounts. Many of the clothes we found there have some very decent prices. If you are wanting new clothes, do be sure to see the Clothing Sales at Amazon

Classic Closeouts
This is one of my favorite places to shop for new clothes. While it's probably going to be cheaper buying used clothes, if you want new this is the place to go. The best part about this site is you can go cheap clothes shopping for the entire family! Shop At

We can't forget eBay! You can find thousands of cheap clothes on eBay, and lots of great deal on children's clothes in particular. I've found quite a few items for a little bit of nothing. Just be sure you read descriptions carefully so there are no surprises.

Good luck cheap clothes shopping!

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Additional Bargain Clothes Shopping Tips

The following idea was submitted by one of our memebers. Thank you for your tips!

"When my sons were young and they needed a pair of dress pants or a blazer, I visited the stores in more expensive areas. I always found very handsome clothing and when they outgrew them I would resell them. So it cost me very little to dress them up."
Submitted By Marie

"With three kids clothing is expensive. I buy lots of clothes on Ebay and I shop at resale shops for school clothes. Boys tend to be very hard on there clothing , so I don't feel bad if these get holes or grass stains!! I also take my good clothes to the resale shop and with the money I earn I buy new ones!!"
Submitted By Dawn

Cheap Clothes Shopping Tips
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