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Cool Kids Bedrooms

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A kid's bedroom is their personal space. You want to make it as comfortable and inviting to them as possible. Redecorating a room can seem like a huge job, but when you break it down it really isn't so bad. Remember, it's going to take a lot longer than just one day to completely organize and redecorate your kids rooms.

Need Free Ideas for Kids Rooms?

The free ideas for kids rooms on the pages below are meant to get you started. Start with theme ideas and just work your way down one idea at a time. On the pages below, you'll find theme ideas, decorating ideas, crafts for your kids room and bedding. Further down the page are direct links to products to add a further touch to your kids new room.

For more ideas be sure to see the kids room idea section on our blog. Since decorating a kids room can be an ongoing job, you'll find random ideas for theme and other products in this section of our blog. If you have a room decorating idea you'd like to see on the site, be sure to suggest it below using our contact form!

Bedroom Theme Ideas
If you are in need of some theme ideas for your cool kids bedrooms, be sure to start here! Includes ideas for wall colors that can be easily changed later, and other decor to add. Even if you don't plan to stick with a theme, this page will at least get you started in the right direction.

Decorating Kids Bedrooms
Tons of decorating ideas for kids rooms. Includes resources to buy things like rugs, curtains, and other room decor. With a little bit of direction, turning your kids bedrooms into something cool is a snap!

Crafts for Kids Rooms
Do it yourself crafts for kids rooms, and things kids can make for their rooms. These ideas make it easy to add a personal touch and make for some pretty cool kids bedrooms.

Discount Bedding for Kids
Lots of suggestions for bedding sets and themes to add to your list of free ideas for kids rooms. Recommendations for shopping for discounted kids bedding. You may be surprised with the how inexpensive bedding for kids rooms can really be!

More Ideas for Kids

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Submit Your Ideas for Kids Rooms
Have ideas for cool kids bedrooms you'd like to share? Submit them below! Email is kept private, and only used to contact you for questions about your suggestions. Please be sure to put in a subject so we know which page your idea belong on!

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