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We love to do crafts. It usually doesn't matter what it is, we just love to do them all! While parents and kids can be quite crafty when given the chance, sometimes we just want easy craft kits and projects to do on a rainy day. This page outlines some of the benefits of buying craft kits for kids, as well as places you can buy some pretty cheap ones. If you have suggestions for your own craft kits and projects, be sure to submit them below.

Benefits of Craft Kits and Projects

Craft kits and projects make a great activity for kids of all ages. But did you know how beneficial they can really be? Not only do they keep kids occupied and allow you to spend family time, but the benefits over craft kits can out weigh basic crafts by quite a bit.

Before you jump into your next craft, be sure to read this entire article so you know exactly why craft kits are that much better than regular crafts. After you and your family finish a craft kit, you may never do a regular craft again! Alright, so there ARE advantages of regular crafts, but craft kits and projects have quite a few benefits as well.

The following are our top 3 benefits of craft kits:

1. Save Money
Craft kits and projects you buy come with just enough supplies for the craft you are making. No wasted leftovers, and no buying large amounts of items you may or may not use again. Just exactly what you need to make a set amount of the finished product.

2. Save Time
Instead of searching everywhere for supplies, you save time just buying one kit with everything you need. Some kits even include basic items like the glue, crayons, etc. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten a good idea for a craft from a site, but couldn't find important supplies. It's a pain to search at all the craft stores for just one or two items. With craft kits and projects you buy already set up, you can get right to what matters most - the family time.

3. Better Finished Product
As great as our imagination can be, sometimes having already made pieces can make a better product. This makes it much easier to make crafts for gifts for friends and family. They will absolutely love it because it looks great and it was made especially for them.

Individual Craft Kits

If you are one that doesn't much care for surprises, there are quite a few different options for buying craft kits and projects individually. One of my favorite places to shop online for kids craft kits and projects is at S&S Worldwide .

The thing I like most about this site is not just the prices, but the fact you can get packages and sets of the same project. They are perfect for birthday parties, larger families, or gifts for special holidays. These are especially nice around Christmas, since kids can make gifts for several different family members with these craft kits and projects. They can also make decorations around the house with them.

Another favorite place to find craft kits for kids is at A lot of their prices on kits are pretty decent, especially if you keep an eye on the sales. They also have a great selection of individual crafts for small projects. Perfect for keeping just one or two kids entertained for the day!

Additional Craft Ideas for Kids

Still need some craft ideas for kids? Visit our sister site, Free Kids Crafts! You'll find seasonal crafts, holiday crafts, general crafts organized by type. Submissions are always welcome!

Free Kids Crafts

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