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First off let me say I LOVE Pinterest. I use it for everything from recipes to craft ideas to DIY projects for home. It’s the best social sharing site I’ve seen in my decade of online play. It’s especially been a fascination for me with Halloween coming up. I’ve subscribed to almost every Halloween board I can find and came up with some FANTASTIC ideas for my favorite holiday. While some of them didn’t turn out “exactly like the picture”, some projects actually turned out better.

Here are a few crafts we’ve done so far…..



The original project featured black bats and was found on Pinterest. You’ll notice we used a different color paper so it stood out better on the wall. Our generous neighbor had given us a ton of yellow paper she had no use for, so we were pretty excited to find at least one purpose for it. I don’t think I’m done with this wall yet, but it’s getting there!


Painted Pumpkin Jar Candles

Since my mom loves to make candles and had the perfect scent (Pumpkin Pie), we decided to make this Pinterest craft into something unique. I painted the jar (tutorial coming soon), and mom filled it with Pumpkin Pie scented soy wax. When lit, it looks like a jack-o-lantern. I like the candle much better than candy, especially because there wouldn’t be any candy left to make it cute like the original project was!


Countdown to Candy

This easy print-out made this craft quick and fun. My printer was being difficult (as usual), so I ended up taking a Sharpie to make it look better. I had the frame given to me by my hubby’s grandmother, which I thought was a pretty big stroke of luck. I think it was a PERFECT contrast to the orange and black. The glass on the frame acts like a dry erase board so that we can change it every day.


More to Come!

This is just the beginning of the Halloween tricks and treats we are making at The Hot Spot. We wanted to wait until a week or two into October before we drove out to Prairie View Pumpkins to pick out pumpkins. After we do, we should have TONS of decorated pumpkins to show off. You can see a full list of project ideas we’ve got on the burner on our Pinterest Halloween board.



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