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Making bath and body products is a passion to many, thus why we are lucky to have a reader share their natural face cream recipe!

Below you will find the details of this recipe, as well as a link to their blog for more information.

Angela’s Hand and Face Cream

1 oz beeswax (by weight)
4 oz almond oil (by volume) 
4 oz grapeseed oil 
2 tbs aloe 
4 tbs distilled water or rose water 
5 drop vitamin E oil 
15 drop lavender essential oil 
2 drops tea tree oil 
optional: a pinch of citric acid   

Melt beeswax and oil in pan or double boiler. Warm water and aloe in seperate pan to no hotter than 100 degrees. Add a pinch of citric acid, use gloves (optional). Pour oil mixture into blender (or bowl if you have a hand mixer) Let cool for a few minutes. Start blender or mixer and slowly pour in the water mixture. Blend until creamy making sure not to over do it. Add essential oils and vitmain E and quickly blend in. With a clean spatula, scoop into clean glass jars before it cools. This recipe should last about 6 months. Refrigerate to preserve longer. 


Learn about the chemicals in commercial bath and body products at 

If you have your own natural face cream recipe to share (or any other recipes), please be sure to click on the “blogger” link at the top for details on how to submit your information.

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  • Jingle says:

    Are you kidding “This recipe should last about 6 months. Refrigerate to preserve longer.” NO WAY is an unpreserved lotion good for 6 months – maybe for 2 weeks IN THE FRIDGE.

    Fortunately this whole mess won’t be stable anyway so most of the people who try it will toss it – but still it’s very irresponsible to publish something so poorly formulated.

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