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First let me say the original idea for these ribbons was NOT mine. After a tragic accident in town took the life of a 4 year old girl, a friend of mine came into our store with the idea of raising money for the family by selling ribbons. While neither of us are genius crafters, we were lucky that several kids and adults from around town helped get the design set and created a few hundred in less than a week. The end result was nearly $400 raised and a strongly supported family in their time of need. Mission accomplished!

I decided this idea was so cute that I would share the tutorial on how we made them, in case others would like to use this idea for their own fundraisers or to make  support ribbons for whatever cause they deem fit.

 You will need: 

Ribbon (any will do, but cloth-based is best)
Safety Pins
Hot Glue Gun
Plastic Gems (optional)
Tulle Craft Ribbon (optional)

Supplies for Ribbons


Step 1: Making the Ribbon Base

We found it was easier to start with the base ribbon, then add the pin and decorations. If you plan to just use straight pins to hold them on and no extra decorations, then you are pretty much finished. To make the loop, fold the ribbon in half and pinch together. We used a very small drop of glue with a glue gun to hold the ribbon in place.


Pinch together the ribbon to make a loop.


Add a drop of glue, then squeeze together.

Step 2: Add the Safety Pin

This step was a little tricky, and it took us a few tries to get it down right. Put the ribbon through the safety pin, making sure the pointy part is on the back. It is VERY important you have the safety pin the correct way, or else you will not be able to pin them anywhere.  The pin will be loose until you glue the decorations on.


Feed the ribbon through the middle of the safety pin.

Step 3: Add Tulle

I found it easiest to lay the ribbon down flat, along with the pin. It helps keep thing in place while you glue. You will use small drops of glue to secure the decorations directly on top of the safety pin. For the tulle, we cut squares, then twisted the middles. One of our crafty teens at The Hot Spot came up with this idea, noting “they look like angle wings”. Agreed!


Twist middle of tulle and lay flat over a drop of glue.

Step 4: Add Gems

Like the tulle, the gems are optional decoration. We thought it helped to hide the glue dots and hold the pins in place. You will need another drop of glue on top of the tulle before you add the gem. Even if you are using adhesive gems, you will want to use a hot glue gun to make sure they stay in place.


Another drop of glue for the gem.

Step 5: Finished! 

When you are done, be sure to turn out the pin while the glue is still hot. It will make it easier to attach to shirts or whatever the pin is being attached to. It should look a little something like this….


Turn out the pin!

Finished ribbon

Finished ribbon


Ribbon without tulle.

Ribbon without tulle.

The fun part about this project (other than it’s fantastic purpose of being a support ribbon and/or fundraiser) is the number of color combinations you can do. You can see we used pink and purple, which was the little girl’s favorite colors. These ribbons could be used for Autism awareness using shades of blue, or other charity events with specific colors. LOTS of possibilities for this very inexpensive and easy craft project!

Author Kara Kelso, also known as "The Idea Queen", has drawn inspiration from her eccentric family on since 2005. Raising a high-spirited girl, an Autism spectrum pre-teen boy, and a few random extras showing up for the food.

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