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The pumpkins come out of the gardens, costumes are on sale, and we’re giggling down the seasonal aisles of all the stores……. IT’S ALMOST HALLOWEEN!

I’m worse than the kids this time of year, I really am. I get so flipping excited I can barely sit still, and it’s not just on the day of Halloween…it’s the whole dang month. Before then, even, with everything coming out WAY early with every holiday. With this particular seasonal festivity, though, I don’t mind. To me there’s just a certain electricity it creates, and it excites me.

Imagine my giddiness when I spotted “Oktoberfest” going on in a near by town. It was in the back of my head for the past week already as something we may be doing on the 2nd, but what really sealed the deal is when I see the words “FREE”. Oh snap! Did you say FREE? *grin*

I’m pretty excited, and so are the kids. They’ve got a bounce house, face painting, pumpkin painting, bowling, games, and loads of other stuff going on. All wrapped around the fall theme and Halloween spirit. Oh yes, it will be an awesome day!

What’s going on in YOUR town this month? If you haven’t looked, go do it! You might be surprised what you find!

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