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Since things took a major turn for the worst at school and with the support of an independent councilor, we’re jumping into the unknown world of homeschooling. Like, immediately. I’ve had about a week to really get ready for this and the start date is coming up WAY fast. Honestly, I’m terrified.

As I’m filling out paper work, I get down to the “Course of Study” section where they want me to detail what exactly I’ll be teaching the kid, and from what sources. Oh. Crap. I’ve had some idea sketched down and in my head, plus I’ve done some digging before. But on paper, in their little form, it doesn’t look that great. At least not to me. We have no books, no supplies outside of computer. “Random resources online” isn’t good enough for me or my kid, so I had to come up with something pretty damn fast.

What I finally decided on, mostly for my own sanity and so I KNOW he’s getting proper education (I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed, especially when it comes to things like 3rd grade grammar!), was an all-in-one “self teaching” site. Specifically,

Honestly we haven’t tried it, but we will. This is going to be the main source of his education, which does include math, language arts, science, and social studies. It won’t be the ONLY source, oh no. But the MAIN at least, giving me a little more piece of mind. It’s a little pricey at $20/mo, but since this is a temporary thing anyway, I’ll eat the cost for 3 or 4 months. Plus this is the point where I say something corny like “you can’t put a price on good education”. Meh.

So to please myself and the officials in charge, we’ll be MOSTLY going off Time4Learning. But also in his list of daily, weekly, and monthly education, we’ll be doing the following:

- Daily math drills, using this site.

- Science experiments from his “ Magical Science Experiments Book” book he got for Christmas (love this book, actually gives the reasons WHY these experiments work the way they do).

- “Journal writing”, which is actually BLOGGING. Yes, not only do I want my kid to practice writing but doing so online like normal people in this century. He’s got a blog at KidzWorld.

- Weekly spelling lists and daily practice (handwriting, really, and spelling repetition TO A POINT. This kid can spell, I’m not going to hound him with pointless practice like the school does. Can we way “waste of time”?) Getting those spelling words, at least to start, from this site.

- Daily work on his story. Now this is a bit more “specific” to him. This kid out of the blue decided to start writing on a story. Well I’m going to be treading on thin ice with this one because too much “pushing” and I know he’ll abandon it, but I’m going to move in slowly. I wont FORCE him to work on it, but rather suggest. Plus put some of his grammar skills to use and have him “self check”. I know there’s nothing more irritating to me when someone makes zero comments on the story and just points out all my errors. Grr. No. Not going to do that to him.

- Daily cursive writing practice. Yeah I really have no idea why, but they’re doing it at school. Probably a good idea I throw that in there.

- Trips! Oh, the trips we shall take. Especially when the weather gets nicer and we can plan outdoor “stuff” like parks and wild life places. Although the most special thing that came to my mind was being able to go visit my grandmother on her farm. Talk about packed with history. She was born a packrat, and has more historical items in her house than most small town historical buildings. When I was a child, saying “what’s that?” at her house turned into a fascinating story of turn-of-the-century farming and personal stories of “when I was a kid we had to….”. You CAN NOT read this stuff in books, that’s for damn sure. My only regret is losing my grandfather last summer, and all his war stories. Hopefully, though, my grandma and I can remember some.

Anyway, I’m still terrified, but a little less now that I have the main site to go off of and some fun ideas I know I can handle “supervising” at least. Lucky for me, my son is a very independent learner and has little problems staying on task if given a list. Might take a few weeks for us both to get use to this, but I don’t see any MAJOR problems right now.

If anyone has any other sites to go off of, (maybe something cheaper? :( ), please feel free to leave comments!

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  • I wish you the best of luck! We’re homeschooling, but I’m at the preschool level right now with my kiddo. We’ll be homeschooling all the way through high school, with all our kids (if we’re blessed with more). Don’t be scared – it’s not as hard as you think it’ll be. And there’s tons of support out there for you! Time4Learning is great, and comprehensive, but you may want to add something a little more substantial after you get your feet wet and feel more comfortable with the whole homeschooling thing… Just a tip! I’m a regular reader – Love your site!

  • Idea Queen says:

    Thank you so much for the support! We’ve been at it for a few weeks now, and it’s been going pretty well. He really loves Time4Learning since it’s on the computer and something he can do independently. That’s a HUGE deal for the boy.

    So glad to hear your comments and look forward to more! Comment any time. ;)

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