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NaNoWriMo is over finally, and I’m sad to say I didn’t make it to 50,000. However, I did make it stupidly close (was short a whopping 2,200 words) and do plan to publish the book regardless. Hoping it will be available on Kindle somewhere near the beginning of the year, along with the cookbook we have been planning for a few years.

But right now it’s December, so it’s time to start playing with Christmas crafts. The kids and I have been busy testing out some different crafts we found on Pinterest, because The Hot Spot will be a part of the Prairie City Winterfest celebration on Saturday. SUPER excited to be one of the places kids can do free Christmas crafts.

Since we will most likely have quite a few very little ones, we decided to put the focus on easy paper crafts for the kids. We didn’t want anything too complicated. The Christmas paper crafts needed to be easy, but unique as well. With those specifications, we did some digging on Pinterest. What we’ve come up with so far is this:


Paper Plate Christmas Trees

Christmas Paper Crafts for Kids

This has to be our favorite Christmas craft, and one we’ve added/changed a bit to from the original craft.

You will need:

Paper plates
Christmas Foam Stickers
Yellow Paper
Glitter Glue

The original craft used 1/4 pieces of a paper plate, but we decided to make them a bit smaller. Overall, I think we got about 6 little trees from one plate. The original paper craft did not use cardboard, either, but one of our crafty kids at The Hot Spot added this very cool embellishment. The glitter glue and stickers were also something we added, because they were cheap items you can find at almost any dollar store.

The best part about this particular paper craft (other than it is SUPER cheap) is kids can use their imagination in TONS of different ways. Anything that encourages creativity will always be my favorite.



Paper Snowflake

How easy  are paper snowflakes? VERY! Just testing out my former paper-cutting skills had me stuck for hours. Cutting snowflakes from paper is like opening a present every time… you never know what the final design is going to look like until you unfold it. SUPER easy, SUPER fun, and SUPER creative. The kids helping this week had to cut out a few of their own to hang around the store.


Paper Chains

Not a whole lot of creativity or thought go into paper chains, but we might have a different twist for this craft on Saturday. Either way, we planned to have strips of paper available for the little ones wanting to make their own chain for home. We are also thinking about having one giant chain that everyone can add to on Saturday.


That’s all we’ve got planned, mostly because there will be SO many activities around town for all the kids to get involved with. I hear they will be doing cookie decorating sponsored by the Historical Society and more kids crafts sponsored by Neal Smith. This all before the big lighting ceremony  followed by the Holiday Light Show which Shane has been playing with all week. FUN FUN FUN! We can’t wait!

Happy Holidays!

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  • Kevin says:

    Hi, I love your Xmas craft ideas for wee ones. I have a wee grand daughter and will be looking after her in a couple of days. What a great idea to do with her. Thanks so much!

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