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Oh oh oh…. it’s THAT time of year! Super duper excited that it’s now *completely* acceptable for me to be planning for Halloween. Never mind that we actually started a month ago.

So what do we have planned this year so far? Well, let’s see….


Pretty sure I’m classified as a Pinterest addict. It’s even worse around this time of year. I even added a brand new board – Halloween Makeup Ideas. Our costumes have yet to be set in stone, but thinking we are probably going with a Tim Burton style family costume set. That means we’ll be relying heavily on spooky makeup. WOO! My favorite.

Crafts & Decorations

Again we turn to Pinterest. Our Halloween Pinterest Board will come in handy as we sift through some projects we did last year. One of the easiest, but neatest crafts we came across last year was paper bats. Here’s what our’s looked like at the store last year using yellow paper on a black wall:

Paper bat decoration for Halloween

Paper bat decoration for Halloween

What else? Well it wouldn’t be Halloween without candles. We lucked out because there is a candle maker in the family, so we have her fill all kinds of fun jars with my favorite Halloween scent: Pumpkin Pie Spice. Last year we painted pumpkin jars (see tutorial here).

Painted pumpkin jar

Painted pumpkin jar

As for new Halloween crafts for 2013, I think we might do ghost milk jugs and glowing eyes. I’m a sucker for recycled  crafts!


While we don’t have Halloween parties, we DO have a birthday girl in October. I like to call her my “Halloween baby” because she always wants to do Halloween-themes for her birthday. One year she had me make a pumpkin cake…

Pumpkin cake.

Pumpkin cake.

Last year it was a Pinterest project: a fun Halloween cake. This year… still undecided.


Last but not least, we have to plan some entertainment for ourselves on Halloween. Truth be told, the kids are getting a bit too old to “trick-or-treat”. This year I thought it might be fun to go out somewhere. The trick is coming up with an activity that’s not only super-funtastic-Halloween-scary-fun-in-the-dark-amazing, but cheap. Free would be even better. Funds are tight, so we have to get creative. An event in a park? Maybe. We will have to see what events we have locally for Halloween, or just make our own entertainment. 😉

What are your plans thus far for Halloween and the month of October?


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