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Finally, finally! After what seems like a year’s worth of work, the “Penny Project” is finished. Or at least we think it’s finished. You never can tell with us, if we’re going to add more embellishments or not. But the main issue with the previous version was a lack of boarder, and I believe we’ve accomplished that….

Treasure - Penny Project

For whatever reason, we have several bags full of pop can tabs. I thought they would make a perfect boarder and luckily, I was right. The aluminum compliments the copper nicely. The ribbon may not have been necessary, but both my daughter and I agreed it was the final touch we wanted. We tried to stick with pastel color ribbons to match the colors around the letters, but the slightly darker purple worked nice around the edges.

See the last update on the penny project for details on how we put the letters together. You’ll notice the sign was moved from the last time we were “finished” (or closer to finished). I think I like it’s new home, even if it can no longer be seen when you enter the front door and the lighting is a little different now.

What do you think? How did it turn out?

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