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Once upon a time, there was a girl who had tons of ideas. She loved to make unique items, and come up with business plans. Sadly, though, this girl had little time or motivation to actually carry out most of the ventures, and thus was left with a virtual mess of blogs, websites, and profiles.

Sound familiar at all? Yup, that’s me. The “Idea Queen” who still has yet to find her kingdom to rule, or what she plans to be when she grows up. With Pinterest now a fabulous distraction, I’ve given up any hope that I will EVER stick with just one project at a time.

Goodbye, Etsy

To free up my virtual (and non virtual) clutter, I’ve decided Etsy is getting the boot. If it was my only business, I might be able to make it a success. But that’s just not the case. In addition to blogging and homeschooling my oldest son (sorta… he attends online public school, yet being his “learning coach” I do almost as much as he does), my significant other and I run a computer service store. Finally, my accumulation of marketing skills and college credits are being put to good use. I must mention I do NOT fix the computers… I just manage the store and the books! Still, the boys take up a very large chunk of my day, leaving hardly any time for other activities.

Despite the lack of time, my crafting addition will not be kicked. I need material for this blog, do I not? Isn’t being a blogger a good enough excuse to play with paints, fabrics, and other crafty supplies? I think so. Oh, and there’s that added bonus of having nifty handmade items in use all over the house. *grin* From now on, comments such as “you should sell those” will be ignored. They are mine, and you can’t have them. Bwahaha!

Hello Crafts for Home

Now that I have liberated myself from the manufacturing of homemade goods, I feel that I can devote more of my time to creating USEFUL items for my family and friends. And as I mentioned before, more goodies and tutorials for the blog.

The craft currently being worked on is for my son. Like most multi-children families, we have an abundance of too-small clothing (and socks, but that’s an entirely different post). After scanning Pinterest, I decided this craft was absolutely perfect for all those old T-shirts. Looks easy and fun, but of course, I had to make it much more complicated.

The Never-Ending Project: T-Shirt Rug

t-shirt rug

Beginning of the T-shirt Rug


Looks about the same as the other tutorial, yes? But there is a very large difference. I did not start with a t-shirt as a base, nor did I use a rug mat as in this tutorial. Nope, I had to do it the hard way. I used the left over legs from a pair of jeans, cut into 1-inch wide strips. Here is what just one strip looked like:


One Strip of T-shirt Rug


For weeks I have been cutting t-shirts into strips like in the other two tutorials, then tying them onto the jean strips. Then, I painstakingly tie the strips to the main piece of the rug. Very, very time consuming. Yet it’s a mindless craft that I can do on breaks, after “work”, or whenever I go hide in the back of the store.

Here’s a shot of the underside of the rug:

T-shirt rug back

Back of T-shirt Rug

It started to curl on me when I was just starting, so decided to make it a part of the design. I think it looks pretty cool so far! Plus the boy is pretty impressed, and can’t wait for it to cover up his purple carpet (the boy and girl switched rooms, thus reason his carpet is purple right now…. I bet he’s pretty glad I wouldn’t let her get pink!)

Wish me luck on getting this project finished!

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