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My daughter can be sneaky, but sometimes it’s not a bad thing. When my daughter found this craft, she didn’t share it right away. Instead, she asked for help ordering off Amazon with her Christmas gift card with the comment “Don’t look at what I’m buying… it will ruin the surprise!”. Being that it was her money, I didn’t ask, but certainly was curious.

When the packages came in, she went to work immediately. All I could say was wow, my daughter is amazing! Here was her finished project:

Sims 3 Plumbob Craft

For those of you familiar with The Sims games, you’ll probably recognize this one right away. If you aren’t a huge Sims fan, a “Plumbob” is an icon that hangs above a Sim’s head, usually glowing green. The tutorial she picked up from her favorite YouTuber and geeky crafter, iHasCupquake. A “geek” who loves baking and crafts? Oh yeah, she’s our hero!

See the tutorial for her craft in the video below:

Too cute, right?

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