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What easier way to keep a toddler entertained than with a big book of stickers? They’re easier on walls than crayons, that’s for sure (and if you have never had the pleasure of scrubbing crayon off the wall, may I just say you are lucky… so far).

Sticker books aren’t hard to come across. You can run to your local dollar store, but if you want to bring out the big books of stickers, you might need to look elsewhere. We did some digging and found some excellent sticker books for toddlers available on Amazon, and have listed some of them below.

Melissa & Doug Sticker Collections
Each of these featured sticker books contain THOUSANDS of stickers for a little bit of nothing. By far one of the best prices we’ve ever seen on sticker books. Plus you have you choice between pink, blue, purple, and green books for a kid with any taste. (Note – there’s some other fun products from Melissa & Doug mixed in this page, not just sticker books. Check them out!)

My Big Book Of Stickers
Yup, you guessed it. A big book of stickers. The best part of these particular stickers, though, is you can reuse them. This book will cost you a bit more, but it’s better in the long run to get the most bang for your buck. Includes over 400 stickers, and can be a great learning tool for toddlers.

Sticker Activity ABC (Sticker Activity Fun)
What better sticker book for a toddler than one that teaches them the ABCs? I’m a sucker for learning toys, and this one nails it. Includes coloring pages as well. Cheap price, which I’m also a sucker for.

Giant Sticker Activity – First Words
Another learning tool. More specifically, teaching toddlers how to read with the use of stickers. Fun and educational. It’s never too early to start teaching a kid how to read!

Winnie the Pooh (Ultimate Sticker Books)
What toddler doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh? I had to list this one, just because my oldest son was so in love with anything Pooh bear when he was little. This sticker book has somewhat of a purpose, where you put the stickers in specific places.

My Giant Sticker Activity Book (with CD)
Need something a little extra? This giant sticker book comes with a CD full of games, puzzles, and coloring pages. The price is right on this product too, costing less than some CDs alone full of activities. I love learning tools, especially when they can be done on the computer!

Make Your Own Pizza Sticker Activity Book
Not ready to let your toddler help you in the kitchen? Then let them make their own pizza with this fun (and cheap) sticker book! Includes all kinds of toppings to help them make the best pizza ever.

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