Wii Cheer 2 is out!

Alright so I’m a geek. What started as a game for the girl has become one of mom’s favorites. I was absolutely in love with the first We Cheer, and now I’m even more addicted to the second one.

Now granted the girl DID play the first one, but she’s not exactly the most coordinated kid out there. Some of those moves were just too difficult for her, so we ended up playing all the levels together so she could pass them. Maybe that was a bit of cheating, but she was trying her hardest and getting exercising done (the most important part right?).

The second one, however, is even better. There are now three levels for each song instead of two, and it’s really only the last level that’s extremely hard. Kids can now unlock things a bit faster, and enjoy more than just a handful of songs.

Now while admitting this might make me an even bigger geek, the biggest draw to me on the second one is how much I like some of the songs featured. Glamorous by Fergie, Girlfriend by Avril, and one of my favorite songs as of late, Just Dance featuring Lady GaGa. Yes, radio edit version on all of them, just barely. Since my kids are 7 and 9, I don’t mind them hearing these songs, but others might disagree (just a heads up there, really).

We’ll be sure to get the full review of this game up on our Family Games for Wii page soon, but until then, I highly suggest checking it out if you have the first one already mastered. ;)

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