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Sewing Doll Clothes

Sewing doll clothes can be a very fun project, one that you can get your children involved in as well. Let them pick out the fabric to be used, or surprise them with their favorite colors and patterns.

This is such an extremely easy project, and the results will be based on what type of pattern you use. Just one package of patterns can keep you busy for weeks creating different styles and colors.

Ebay is a great place to find patterns for cheap (see below), and often times scraps can be used for smaller clothes and details. We've picked up several different patterns from eBay, and have been busy ever since!

If you need fabric, there's two main places online that often have sales and fabric for very cheap. One place is, and the other is Both have a great selection of cotton prints, or anything that can be used for doll clothes. I prefer using cotton prints most the time, simply because I use my fabric for multiple projects and scraps for quilts.

The following are current doll clothes patterns available from eBay. Be sure to read each auction in detail, including shipping terms. What may appear to be cheap can have expensive shipping. With so many autions available, you should be able to find not only a cheap pattern, but the lowest shipping as well!

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