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Exercise For Kids

It's so easy to jump in the car or look for the closest parking spot. We do it every day without even thinking about it. However, if you are looking for a fun way to spend a little extra time with your children while working on family exercise plans, here are some ideas to get you and your kids moving.

1. Walk to school
If school isn't that far from home or if you live in a small town, walk your kids to school instead of driving them as part of a daily exercise for kids. Of course in winter months this may not be ideal, but it will get you in shape. To make it more interesting, play a game such as counting cars, birds, trees, or cracks in the sidewalk. You'd be surprised how short the walk really is when your mind is occupied with something else!

2. Walk to the store
Exercise for kids which would probably work best in a small town. Not ideal for those that live out in the country, but for those that only live a few blocks (or a mile) away. If you live in the country without a way to walk, try parking down the street from the store or as far away from the door as possible.

3. Walk to get the mail
If you live in town and have a post office box, fight the urge to drive to the post office. Hand the keys to the younger kids so they are involved in your trip. This daily family exercise idea would also work if you live down a long lane in the country. Forget picking up the mail as you pull into the drive, and walk to get it instead.

4. Country Exploring
If you live out in the country and can't possibly walk to town, try just exploring the country around you. There's probably woods you can look around and things to find. Children absolutely love a walk in the wild! Find nature trails or paths you can walk down. You can even have a race to see who gets around the path the fastest.

5. Parks
If all else fails, take a day and go to a large park in the area. As part of a family exercise plan, you should probably work this into your schedule at least once week. Walk everywhere and see ever tree and path there is. Kids want to play at the playground? That works too. Get involved in their play and help them out. Spin them, toss them, help them reach things....anything to get you both active.

6. Inside activities
Don't want to go out but still looking for a way to be active? Put in some music and dance! You could also clean the house, bake, or play active games (such as twister or musical chairs). Just don't stop moving!

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