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There are thousands of free game sites for kids on the internet today. Some very popular, some not so much. Some are for older kids, while others can be played by younger ones (For online games for younger ones, be sure to see our free toddler games page). It can be hard to decide which is the best for your kids to play. The sites and games we will feature on this page are only ones we've had personal experience with.

Multiple Game Directories

The following are free game sites for kids which have multiple games. Some games can be played online, while others are for download. Either way you have your pick, and could easily spend hours on each site.
This site is best for those who are out of preschool and learning to read. Much of the site depends on the kids being able to read and navigate themselves, so it's obviously targeted to older ones.

Just recently this free game site announced an interactive part called "Nicktropolis". Parents have to help set up the account, and have control over some settings (such as if they want the kids to be able to talk to others or not). We've been impressed so far, but hope the idea will continue to grow.

This is actually part of Disney, but for slightly older kids. This was one of the free game sites for kids my 6 year old found some time ago. It's been one of his favorites ever since. He especially likes the radio on the site, which plays several theme songs of his favorite shows (including Digimon, Power Rangers, and others).

Free Trial Games
Owned by a personal friend to the Idea Queen, this site features games you can download on your computer. Play them for a set amount of time, and buy them to keep. Sometimes my kids like the game, sometimes they don't. That's why it's great you get to try these out before buying.

Individual Free Game Sites for Kids

The following free game sites for kids are individual games. Meaning there is only one game per page. These have also been checked out by all of us, and given honest reviews.

This one is more for older children, since there is quite a bit of reading involved. There is a free version as well as a paid version, but the free does not have limits on play time (only in game activities are restricted). Be sure to see the parents guide on this site, which gives tons of information on the game and what your children will get from playing it.

Another game with both free and paid version. Except this game your children do not interact with others. It's similar to the "battle style" games, yet it's played individually. At 7, my son is playing this one and loves it. While there is some more advanced techniques of the game he has yet to understand, the basics are easy enough for him. This site also has a parent guide with detailed information on the page.

Free Trial Games

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