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Free Scrapbooking Ideas for Scrapbooking Pages

The topic of scrapbooking is so huge, we decided it just couldn't be contained at Idea Queen. So instead, the site The Scrapbooking Source was created.

The Scrapbooking Source is a sister site to Idea Queen. You'll find the same great ideas at our new site as you will here at Idea Queen. The main difference is The Scrapbooking Source has it's own two scrapbooking experts, which you can always find on the community boards.

In addition to free scrapbooking ideas, you'll find the following at The Scrapbooking Source:

Featured guest articles written by other scrapbooking experts. Several different topics from basic scrapbooking to specific ideas.

Layout Ideas
Need some help with your next layout? Check out this section, full of layout ideas.

Our own handpicked listing of many different scrapbook suppliers. Features details on specific suppliers and what they have to offer for scrapbooking supplies.

As always, suggestions for ideas and tips are always welcome. If you have an idea to add to The Scrapbooking Source, be sure to contact us and we'll do our best to add it to the site. Most ideas are also featured on the Idea Queen blog.

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