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Easy and Free Sewing Projects

I love to sew, and many others do as well. Often times I find myself overwhelmed by how many choices I have for projects. This is why this section was created, to give you a better idea of exactly what you want to do for your next sewing project, as well as give you some sort of organization as to what kind of supplies you will be needing. I try to use the same fabric several times for several different projects, so some of the suggestions below you'll find use "left over" fabric from other projects.

Free and Easy Sewing Projects

I'm still just a beginner when it comes to sewing, so the free sewing projects you'll find below are very easy sewing projects. If you have ideas for easy sewing projects, be sure to either join our group or submit your idea below.

Lounge Pants
A very basic idea for free sewing projects. It's quite a popular one too! They make for wonderful gifts.

Scrap Pillows
If you have scraps to use, this makes for excellent free sewing projects. You can keep them for yourself, or give them away to friends. If you have enough, you could even think about selling them at a craft show!

Doll Clothes Sewing Project
One of my favorite free sewing projects. If you have a daughter, granddaughter, or little girl that loves dolls, these make wonderful gifts. Cheap patterns can be found on this page.

Sewing Clothes for Fun
Ideas for sewing projects involving clothes. Includes ideas, places to find fabric, and patterns.

For low cost fabric and patterns, click here.

Sewing Groups

If you are looking to gather with fellow moms who sew, I highly recommend . You'll fine several different groups of moms just like you who love the same hobbies. There are several sewing groups, as well as other hobby groups to join. If you haven't joined this site already, I highly recommend it!

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Submit your Free Sewing Projects
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