Gardening Ideas Series

Since spring is just around the corner, we’re starting a brand new series on gardening here at the blog. For the next several weeks we’ll be bringing you tips, ideas, and where to buy seeds, bulbs, and live plants. This series will including gardening ideas for flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

Being a farmer’s granddaughter and having a weekend dad who was once in the floral business (who also still lived next door to a greenhouse), I know that gardening and farming is in my blood. When I bought my first home, I couldn’t wait to start adding my own personal touch to the floral decor and growing my own food. Eight years later and I still get excited when the snow starts to melt, exposing my garden once again.

My house isn’t big, and I don’t live on a very large lot. One lonely tree stands in front of the house, but flowers are rapped completely around and a small garden is tilled in the back. Every year I try out something new, no matter if it’s a new vegetable or annual flower, or even a new perennial in a place where there wasn’t anything before. In the summer, our yard is simply alive.

For this series, we’ll be referencing Nature Hills Nursery, Inc. because I really like this store. It has everything you could possibly want for gardening, including seeds, plants, bulbs, and other supplies for decent prices. If you are looking to buy any of the gardening supplies you see in this series online, we’ll give you a link from this store.

If you live in central Iowa though, I highly recommend Hendrikson’s Greenhouse in Newton. This greenhouse was once owned by my dad’s family long before I was born, and really still is. The current owners have always been somewhat of an extended family to me with my dad still living next door, and I’ve known them all my life. They are great people and this is truly a “family owned business”.

Be watching every Wednesday for a new segment of our gardening ideas series!

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