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Free Halloween Costume Ideas

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What a fun time of year for kids and adults alike! No matter if you are "trick or treating", handing out candy, or going to a great party, dressing up for halloween is a fun tradition.

Kids are usually good about coming up with their own Halloween costume ideas based on what's popular or their favorite characters at the time. Although if they need a little help on what to dress up as this year, the free halloween costume ideas listed below my help a bit.

Halloween Costume Ideas

These are very basic, traditional free halloween costume ideas. For extra fun costumes, you may want to think of putting some of these ideas together, or expand on the normal Halloween costume ideas.

Basic Costume Ideas:
Witch (good or bad)
Freddy Kruger
Belly Dancer
20s Era
50s Era
Cat Woman
Rollerskating Waitress
Cheerleader/Football Player
Favorite Fictional Character (Spiderman, etc)

Any of these free Halloween costume ideas could work for both children and adults, although we've put a focus on the kids for this particular page.

Some ideas of less traditional and more unique halloween costume ideas would include putting a spooky twist on normal costumes.

Unique Costume Ideas:
Zombie Mermaid
Evil Cheerleader or Princess
Carved Pumpkin
Biker Cat
Ghost Clown

This list could really go on and on, but rather than take some of these general suggestion try coming up with some unique ideas based on some of these. Remember the old Rosanne Halloween episodes in the 80s/90s? They were always coming up with unique costume ideas that you could still use today.

Baby Halloween Costume Ideas
by Jennifer Kirkpatrick

Finding affordable Halloween costumes for babies can be a challenge. Here are a few do-it-yourself options:

1. A chili pepper. Use a red sleep sack, bunting bag or nightgown (with the bottom tied up). Around the neck attach some green felt as the top of the pepper. Make a simple green hat with a stem to complete the costume. Everyone will get a big kick out of your "hot stuff"!

2. A bumble bee. Use a yellow sleeper and with black fabric paint or a black marker add stripes. Attach some simple wings made by stretching black pantyhose over coat hangers that have been bent to shape. The neighbourhood will be "buzzing" about your little one!

3. A cow. Use a white sleeper and with black fabric paint or a black marker add "cow spots". On the front attach a pink udder made from felt. Finish it off with a white hat that has more black spots and ears. The result is an "udderly perfect" little trick-or-treater!

Buying Halloween Costumes

Another way of generating free halloween costume ideas is taking a trip to the store. You never know what you'll find that might spark an idea for a wonderful costume. Paint, masks, and interesting clothes can create unique Halloween costume ideas!

Here are a few suggested websites which carry all kinds of costumes and accessories:
A great selection of costumes for both kids and adults.
Shop all year around and find deals and specials.

Additional Halloween Costume Ideas

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