Fun Halloween Costume Ideas

As you should know by now, Halloween is our favorite time of year around here. We start getting ready when the first hint of fall comes around, and start thinking of costume ideas WAY ahead of time. Mostly because we make our own, or put together something from pieces you see at the store. It’s been quite a few years since we’ve bought a “regular” costume off the rack.

Here’s a run down of this year’s costumes and some from Halloweens past. Enjoy!

Boy – Demon
We spotted a red demon mask at a hardware store, and a pitchfork to go along with it. He wants a red rubber suit, but just in case we can’t find one of those (haha, I know we wont, at least not in mom’s price range!), a red shirt and black pants will do just fine. Simple I admit, but fun.Total cost was around $10 for the strictly costume part of it. The additional clothes are something he’ll be wearing again, which is a major bonus.

Girl – Dead Cheerleader
I am so in love with her ideas for costumes. This year she decided to be a dead cheerleader, which I think is just AWESOME. So far we’ve got a black long sleeve shirt and black skirt, along with pink and black stripped tights I bought on clearance right after Halloween last year for a whole $2.  I’m on the lookout for a V-neck tank top or something that will make it look a little more like a cheerleader outfit. We’ll be painting her face white with black under her eyes to give that dead look, and dying her pig tails pink. Oh, and I managed to snag some black pom-poms off ebay for $5.  So the total for the costume-only part will be under $10.

Boy – Ninja
This was a simple one to put together. Black sweatshirt, black pants, black stocking hat. We also painted his face black so it looked like a mask with the hat. We found some cheap ninja supplies (sword, stars, etc) for about $5 I believe it was.

Girl – Punk Rock Star
We had a close call last year with her first idea being “Hanna Montana”. Yuck. I’m alright with her being a fan, just not as a costume. Where’s the “wow” in that? We talked it over though, and she ended up being a punk rocker. Black skirt (yup, same one as for this year!), pink and black stripped tights (they didn’t make it after halloween, unfortunately), and adorable rocker looking shirt. The shirt was the most expensive and around $12, which is more than I usually spend on regular clothing. However, it WAS part of her costume, AND she still wears it even now. We spray painted her hair pink and put it up in lots of pony tails all over, then did black eye liner and black lipstick. If she would have been about 6 or 7 years older, I so would have approved of this style. She was ADORABLE. We loved the pink hair so much, we let her dye her hair pink often with the temporary dye!

Boy – Garfield (pictured)
This costume was so much fun to do, and SO cheap. We found a orange over sized shirt (on sale no less) that we sprayed the stripes on with black hair spray. The tail we made, and mask too with foam sheets, paint, and glue. Strap a pillow on and he was good to go! (Read More on how we made this one)

Girl – Dead Bride
One of my absolute favorites by far, but we’ll see how dead cheerleader works out this year! This was also an original idea of her’s, of which I’m quite proud of her for. We made a dress out of some cheap fabric (on sale at Walmart for 75 cents a yard – I got 2 yards), and used fake cob webs as her “vale”. White face paint with dark circles under her eyes, and black lips. She added an extra touch and put fake blood around her mouth and eyes. I told you she was a cool kid … haha!

The girl will be turning 8 in a little over a week, so she’s got a lot of fun years and ideas ahead of her…I can’t wait to see what she continues to come up with next year! The boy too, for that matter. ;)

These ideas should at least get you started, so have fun!

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