Homemade Gifts for Kids

I know I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m making quite a few of my kids Christmas gifts. I do every year. It’s less expensive and means a whole lot more than some expensive toy that will break in a few months. Believe me, my kids have enough toys!

So here’s the homemade side of my kids Christmas list. I hope you’ll find some ideas here of things you can make for your kids!

Doll Clothes
My little girl loves her baby dolls. She also loves clothes. So I have to make her at least one or two outfits for her babies. There’s two patterns I’ve made myself, and a few others I’ve bought. With all the different types of fabric we’ve got, it’s not hard to come up with all kinds of different clothes. If you need some help planning this out or need some patterns, be sure to check out our doll clothes project at Idea Queen.

So this one might not be a quick and easy project, but it might be if you’ve got a sewing machine. I decided to hand sew most of this quilt, or at least the blocks. When I put it all together I was going to use the sewing machine, but it’s now missing a piece. So I guess the entire thing will be hand sewn. Not to worry, all the blocks are done so it’s now just a matter of putting it all together. Which is already about half done. I think I’ll finish it in less than a month!

I also made a mini-quilt for my daughter’s baby dolls with extra batting. It was actually my very first quilt, and the extra batting was from a friend whom I helped pin up a quilt last year. It was just the perfect size for her dolls and it gave me practice before attempting the big one!

I found the most perfect fabric for my daughter, and decided we needed to make a dress out of it. It’s just about finished! There’s only one more side to sew. Again I was going to use the sewing machine, but I guess it’s going to be hand-sewn. Not a big deal, it’s not that much.

Tote Bags
So I need to confess – I probably could have easily made a tote bag for my kids, but I bought one instead. It was sitting at a craft show for only $5, and it featured my daughter’s favorite character (Dora). With all the things I needed to finish right now, I knew I probably wouldn’t have enough time to make one. So I grabbed it. But if YOU have time, then by all means look into making one!

Now I know all these ideas require sewing, but it just happens to be the skill I have. Really it’s not that hard to do, and can be quite fun if you enjoy doing it. These are also some time consuming projects, so make sure you don’t get overwhelmed. Most of the projects I have sitting here are almost done, and stuff I started probably over a year ago. I just haven’t had time (or the energy) to pick up sewing for some time. Except the doll clothes – those are pretty quick to do. I guess seeing prices of Christmas gifts gets me in the mood!

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