Sewing for Christmas

It’s that time of year again! Time to pull out the fabric, hunt for deals on sewing supplies, and make a list of who’s getting what. As much as I dread this time of year, I do enjoy making all kinds of different projects.

For the last few years I’ve been sewing pillows for my kids. It started with just picking up fabric of their favorite characters, but now it’s taken on a life of its own. Last year I took quilt blocks and made pillows out of them, which they thought was pretty cool (for my daughter I had found a block that looked like a cat, which she thought was special). This year I thought maybe they were getting tired of the pillows, and thought maybe I should do something else. Imagine my surprise when my daughter says to me one day “Am I getting another pillow for Christmas? I want another one!”. So that sealed it. What started as just a neat gift idea has turned into a tradition.

This year I found Hanna Montana fabric, and decided to make a heart-shaped pillow out of it. It didn’t turn out perfect, but I think she will like it all the same. I folded both sides of fabric in half and traced a tear-drop shape so the heart would be even, so that part was fine. Actually it did come out pretty good, and I may just post pictures.

For the boy I haven’t decided yet. Since he’s now eight, it’s hard to find fabric that’s “cool”. He’s informed me he’s too old for Disney’s Cars, and I assume Spiderman as well. So what I put together for him will most likely be solid shapes in some unique fashion. I may end up doing another quilt block pillow for him, since that would be the easiest way to make something “cool”.

My mom told me she wanted a new purse made from old blue jeans. I went on a hunt last night for a pattern or instructions, which I did find. Actually it was so simple that I had it done in just a matter of minutes. All you do is cut off the top part of the pants, sew the bottom, then use the extra fabric left over on the legs for the strap. It’s a bit difficult to sew on the straps because the fabric is thick, but a hot glue gun works nicely to secure lose ends.

The majority of our family is getting something my daughter found in her Highlights magazine. I’m sure most of you have heard of gift jars, which make excellent gifts. This is the same concept, but uses a paper bag that the kids decorate and a hot cocoa mix (2 cups instant dry milk, 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa, and 1 cup sugar with a recipe card that says 3 Tablespoons of the mix with one cup boiling water). I’m taking this a step further and will be sewing gift bags and putting the mix inside them. We’ll use an easy gift bag that uses a pretty bow around it.

That’s all I’ve got on my list so far, but I’m sure I’ll be adding to it!

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