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Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

What a fun time of year to show off your talents and give people on your Christmas list a gift made with love! There's so many different homemade Christmas gift ideas, but here I'll list a few that will work for both children and adults. Use the homemade Christmas gift ideas below to come up with your own unique creations.

Homemade Pillows
If you are just starting with sewing or can use a sewing machine, it doesn't get much easier than this. Choose a simple patter or two, cut out the right sizes pieces, and sew them together. No pattern needed, just some lines drawn to keep your stiches in line. With all the different types of fabric out there, you can make just about anything you want in any color. There are tons of possibilities for homemade Christmas gift ideas involving pillows!

For fabric, we highly recommend Fabric at Joann.com. This is one of our favorite places to shop for fabric online, and their selection is wonderful. You might also find a few other homemade Christmas gift ideas while you are there!

Blankets & Sheets
A great addition to pillows is a blanket & sheet set. Fitted sheets aren't as hard as you think to make, and very simple patterns can be found online and off. Check places which sell patterns, and you may spot some other ideas for gifts as well. Again, we recommend Joann.com. for the fabric.

Doll Houses
A few pieces of wood and some nails, and you've got yourself a handmade doll house! Depending on how handy you are with tools, you could put in some tiny features. Paint & decorate to make it even more personal.

When I was a child, I had my own doll house with my name on it. It was very personal, and more special to me any doll house which could have been bought in the store. Furniture is another story, and something you may have to buy. I was lucky enough to have doll furniture handed down from my mother, which was also very special to me.

Doll Clothes
If you are a bit more talented in your craft, try your hand at some doll clothes. Doll clothes can get very expensive if purchased in the store, so try making your own for a special girl and her friends. Making your own doll clothes for homemade christmas gift ideas is much better than buying anyway.

Patterns are not hard to come by, and can even be purchased on eBay for less than you'll find in the store. Click here for a doll clothes project info and places to purchase patterns.

Real Clothes
With all the different types of fabric and patterns, you can easily create real clothes for people on your list. Alternatively, you could pick up regular shirt and put embelshments on it to make more homemade Christmas gift ideas. Don't get too carried away, though.

Again, patterns are not hard to come by. See our sewing project section for information on patterns and different projects.

The possiblities are endless with jewelry, and you can easily create something simple for a special person. Little girls love to play dress up, so giving them their own special jewelry can be perfect homemade Christmas gift ideas.

Candles & Soaps
There's many kits out there available to do just a few projects out of small amounts of supplies. With most kits, you don't need alot of knowledge in the area to make simple gifts. While kits are only good for small quanities, it may be all you need to make a perfect gifts for a few friends and family members.

Craft Kits
If there's someone on your list that's wanting some simple crafts, use your talents to make a craft kit. Do the hard work for them, leaving the easy parts (gluing together, adding decoration, etc) to the person getting the gift. Perfect for simple projects for kids!

Additional Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Gift Jars & Gift Baskets
Gift jars are a semi-new idea, and have become very popular over the last few years. It's a decorative way to give family and friends starter mixes for different types of food. Just use basic canning jars which can be picked up at almost any store, add your ingredients, and decorate. Makes for a nice gift for those who do light cooking, and can also be used inside of gift baskets.

Ideas Queen has put together a package of ebooks featuring gift jar recipes and gift basket ideas. In our Gift Jar Recipes & Gift Basket Ideas package, you'll find the following ebooks:

200 Gift Jar Recipes
Introduction, master mix, and over 200 recipes for gift jars. Recipes for mixes included are cookies, muffins, pancakes, soup, cake, dips, and many more.

99 Gift Basket Ideas
A gift basket idea for everyone on your list! They've left noone out of this guide - featuring gift baskets for children, adults, grandparents, gardeners, business people, campers, collectors, and many others.

Bonus - Guide to Decorating a Cake
Also included in this package is a free ebook titled "A Beginner's Guide to Decorating a Cake". Very detailed information with useful tips. Pictures included!

All three of these ebooks are availabe in one small package. If you are working on inexpensive Christmas gift ideas or need ideas for any time of year, this is a must have! You'll save money in the long run using many of these great ideas for inexpensive gifts all year round.

Gift Jars and Gift Baskets

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