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Homemade Toy Boxes

Believe it or not, this craft is actually easy enough for little ones. It doesn't involve wood, nor are these toy boxes going to last forever. Although it will give your kids something fun to do for a few hours while creating a temporary toy box.


My kids had a great time getting involved with this project. To start you will need the following:

Regular box
Paint & Paint Brushes
Sparkles, confeti, other craft items


1. Prepare Box
First get the box ready for your child. Make sure it's clean and free of lables, tape, or writing. You could go an extra step and make a box out of wood, although if you really want to do this the cheap way I suggest just a regular box. It will need to be good sized, since it will be used as a toy box.

2. Paint
Next get the painting area ready. Let your child use their imagination while painting, and let them know this will be THEIR toy box. You will probably want to only paint one side at a time. The best part about this project is while it doesn't take much time to paint one side, the project will last for several days.

3. Extras
When you are done painting, let the children decorate their box with other things such as sparkles, beads, jewels, etc. This is where their creativity will really shine, plus they will be creating something that will be useful in their toy room or bedroom. Have fun!

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