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I’ve been in such a sewing mood lately I just had to make something useful for the kids. The boy declined a handmade lunch bag, but he’s 11 so I forgive him. My 8 year old daughter, on the other hand, was super excited about it.

The fabric she picked out came from Joann. Originally it was to make a quilt from, but I couldn’t resist using it for some back-to-school stuff. Especially because of the girly sports theme.

I absolutely stink at making my own patterns or instructions for others to share, although seem to do alright when I design them on the fly. Sometimes it involves ripping out a few seams, but usually projects come out looking like they are suppose to.

Obviously this one isn’t my best work, but the girl is happy with it, so that’s all that matters. I started by reading over a few tutorials on lunch sacks, including a pretty easy lunch sack from Simplicity.

Since we’ve been on a mission to “go green” and recycle, I didn’t have special fabric or “real” insulation, nor did I want to buy it just for one project. However, we did include batting so it will keep foods semi-cool. The up side is it’s 100% washable in the machine, and I don’t have to worry about special care instructions.

I also added a strap to make it a bit easier to tote around, something I didn’t see much of on other patterns.  It’s a simple “sew together and pull inside out” strap, which totally works for a little girl.

Hopefully my pattern skills will improve so I can share more projects in the new future!

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  • Adam Smith says:

    Kids are very choosy about everything they use. Be it their pencil box or lunch box, they always want something they are excited about. I have seen kids who hesitate to carry lunch if the lunch box does not have cartoons printed on it :)

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