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After years of story-telling and revisions, Kira’s Tale, the first in the Descend into Darkness series, releases today.

I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting this is, because “Dawn J. Stevens” is actually me, or at least, my pen name. Placing both feet into the fiction world is something I have been working on for nearly a decade. It’s a scary thing, really, to announce becoming a fiction author. I chose a pen name while I worked on my craft, just to separate myself from reality and fiction. It was never meant to be a secret, just… a separation.

So with this information, may I introduce you to my first published fiction novel……

kira_coverKira is the type of character you love to fall in love with. Not perfect by any means, but a heart of gold and bursting with determination. Even as the author I’m constantly amazed with how inspiring she can be as a person.

Thrown in a world riddled with creatures of the Darkness, Kira finds her strength from her Taliesin friends and new magical abilities. Not just one of the regular folk anymore, Kira is a Sade who can wield water energy and defeat the vicious, deadly foes that lurk outside city walls.

Not only must Kira learn to control her spells, she must also find the missing memories of a shattered past.

This book is one of many to come in the Descend into Darkness series. Future books will feature other characters appearing in Kira’s Tale, making this book an intro to the Kingdom of Urbania, Sumner, and other curious towns under the power of the Darkness.  Super excited to continue this series with this fun fantasy world full of surprises and inspiring characters!


Pick up your copy of Kira’s Tale on Amazon, available on Kindle and paperback.
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Check out more information on Dawn J. Stevens on her blog, or on Twitter and Facebook.



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