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Chocolate Creeper Cake
My son loves Minecraft. A lot. When given the chance, he will play it all day and night, coming up with all kinds of cool things to share with me. Since he’s home schooled, he even did a few art projects using Minecraft. It is really neat to see him so interested in something creative and that requires a bit of thought.

When I saw this on Pinterest, I knew I had to make it for his birthday. His grandpa had gotten him a T-shirt from Tanga featuring a “creeper”. (For those of you who do not know Minecraft lingo, those are kind of like “bad guys”)

This cake is so easy to assemble, it hardly needs instructions. Just looking at it, I bet you already know how it’s done!


Just in case, here’s the general run down of supplies:

  • - Cake mix (any kind – I used chocolate moist cake mix)
  • - Square baking dish
  • - Frosting and sprinkles (I used Funfetti, which came in green and had the sprinkles already)
  • - Hershey bar

To assemble, you first make the cake mix as directed in a square baking dish. You might have left over mix, so feel free to make a few cupcakes or a smaller cake. If you found a dish big enough, awesome! No extras needed.

Once the cake cools, spread on the frosting. Top with sprinkles and arrange the Hershey bars in the shape of the face. SUPER easy!

I did mine a little different from the Pinterest version, but I think I might like it better. I had the boys pull up a picture for me to go off of as I made the face. My son, being in the Autism spectrum, is a little picky about things some time. So I had to do my very best to get it exact, or at least try (and he is very appreciative of a good try!). The night of my son’s party, the cake was such a hit that we barely had time to snap a picture. I was rushed and frazzled that day, but it still came out perfect. Woo!

Have you tried this cake? I’d love to know how it turned out!

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