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While we've had reward systems in the past and some sort of way for them to earn money here and there, we've finally found the perfect system for earning money in our household. Simply put, chores for kids.

Instead of a weekly list of chores and set amount of money, we've made chores optional. The children choose what chore they will be doing, and a set amount of money is earned by doing it. Below you'll find a list of chores for kids as young as 3 years old. They may not do a "perfect" job, but they'll be learning a valuable lesson in earning money while helping around the house.

Chores for Kids

Needing some ideas for chores for kids? The following list are chores for kids of any age, as well as some for older kids. If my three year old can do these chores, so can children older!

- Wash windows & mirrors
- Wipe down counters & walls
- Vaccum & Mop
- Pick up toys & clothes
- Put away laundry
- Wash dishes or load/unload dishwasher
- Clean out or wash cars
- Clean out gutters (older kids)
- Mow the yard (older kids)

There should be several other ideas for chores for kids you gather from the list above. As a reward, you'll want to adjust the amount accordingly for the age. Dimes and quarters work for younger kids, but older kids will want dollars.

Chores for Kids Money Jar

After all that hard work, you'll want to do something fun which doesn't involve more chores for kids. We made a special jar just for our chore money out of little cups, construction paper, markers, and stickers.

We measured out construction paper for each "jar", and cut out it out. Then we decorated the paper with stickers and other designes before it was glued on the cup. So the glue would set, we used tape. Now when any chores for kids are done, the money gets put in the bank.

Using a chore bank is also a great way to teach little ones about money, since it's fun to count on a regular basis. They can see how much work they've done, and learn to count money in the process!

Chore Charts for Kids

Need some help keeping the chores straight, and creating more visual learning for your kids? Chore charts make chores for kids more interesting. There's a variety of different types of charts you can use with chores for kids, many of which you can find in various places online.

If you need a place to start to find chort charts, check out these two at The Moonlight Attic:

Customized Cat/Dog Children's Chore Chart
Customized Lady Bug/ Bumble Bee Chore Chart

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