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Fun Activities for Kids

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Usually children have an amazing imagination and need no help coming up with ideas. To avoid the "I'm bored" complaints, here are a few fun activities for kids, as well as game ideas.

Game Ideas

Need some help with game ideas? These pages are all about fun activities for kids that can be done outside or inside. Including online games, games you can play inside, and outdoor games.

Indoor Toddler Activities & Games
We all want to spend time with our children, but when we finally take time out of our busy life sometimes we are at a loss as to what we should do. Here's some ideas of activities you can do with any toddler, preschooler, or older children.

Outdoor Games for Kids
Use this section as a guide to make up your own unqiue games to play outside.

Free Online Toddler Games
The computer can be a facinating thing to a young child, and it's never too early to teach them a little computer skills. Here's some ideas on what to do when you give your little one some computer time.

Free Game Sites for Kids
The sites featured on this page are more for older children (preschool and up). Features some new sites you may have never thought of before!

Chores for Kids
Chores don't have to be boring. With a little incentive and other unique ideas, chores can be fun and rewarding!

Free Trial Games

Fun Activities for Kids

Maybe your not in the mood for a game, and would just like some fun activities for kids instead. In that case, these pages are just that. Some they can do alone, others you can do with them.

Outdoor Activities for Toddlers
It's a beautiful day and your toddler or preschooler is begging to go outside. What to do when you get out? This page goes over some ideas to do outside.

Free Halloween Costume Ideas
Some traditional, some non traditional. Use your imagination to add on to this list of costume ideas!

Family Exercise Ideas
Get in shape while spending time with the kids! Several ways to exercise while keeping kids active and entertained.

Cleaning Rooms
Need some ideas on how to get kids to clean their rooms? This section may help finally get the cleaning issue under control

Fun Recipes for Kids
Most kids love to cook, even at an early age. The recipes on this page are easy enough for toddlers (with help) but still perfect for older children as well.

Online Coloring Books - Printable Coloring Book Pages
You can't beat the classics! Entertain your kids for hours with printable coloring book pages, or use the pictures in crafts and other fun activities for kids.

Other Activities

The following page is not specifically activities for kids, but rather games designed to entertain moms. You'll find several different browser based games to play right on this site, without having to download anything.

Games for Mom (Opens in a new window)
Take a break and play some games! No downloading required.

Submit Fun Activities for Kids
Have ideas for fun activities for kids you'd like to share? Submit them below! Email is alwasy kept private, and only used to contact you with questions.

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