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Gift Baskets for Kids

For some reason, the larger the gift the more kids are interested in it. Unfortunately, some of the larger gifts can be a little more costly. Instead of buying one large, expensive gift, why not make gift baskets for kids?

The idea behind gift baskets for kids is simple - make it large in size, but with many small gifts included inside. The younger the child, the cheaper these items inside can be. Below you'll find several ideas for different types of gift baskets for kids. Use the suggested ideas, or make up your own from the ideas below. Have fun!

Ideas for Gift Baskets for Kids

Children's Coloring Gift Baskets for Kids
Fill a rubber/plastic storage box with:
Crayons (get the big package with tons of colors)
Non-toxic markets
Assorted papers, include a variety of colors and textures
Coloring books
Assorted stickers
A paint box and brushes

Boy's Gift Basket
His favorite cookies or candy
Small package of inexpensive trucks or cars (take out of the package)
Bedtime story book
Coloring book with washable markers
Small package of legos
Cowboy hat or any other kind of hat
Little toy man with parachute
Paper plane they can assemble (dollar store)
Bubble bath
His favorite cartoon video

Girl's Gift Basket
Her favorite cookies or candy
Cheap make-up (so she can dress up)
Junk jewelry
Small inexpensive doll, or make one that is simple
Bedtime story book
Grown-up plain straw hat that you decorate with fake roses, ribbon and lace
Fancy grown-up dress shoes
Ladies gloves

Kid's Bath Gift Basket
Fill a basket with:
Bubble bath
No-tears shampoo and conditioner
Bath crayons (they let kids write on the tub or the wall, then they wash off)
Bath toys
Bath mitt or decorative face cloth
Printed towel

Kid's Beach Gift Basket
Fill a plastic pail with:
Plastic shovel
Sand molds
Beach ball or plastic floatation device (deflated)
Beach towel
Sunscreen for kids
Bathing suit

Traveling Gift Baskets for Kids
Use a Book Bag for the "Basket" and fill it with your choice of the following items:
Traveling Bingo Game
Other Travel Size Games
Coloring Book
Doodle Pad of Paper
Pencils or Pens
Magnetic Doodle Board
Travel Size Etch-A-Sketch
Small Portable Radio/Cassette Player w/ Headset :-)
Don't Forget the Batteries
Disposable Camera
Snack Crackers
Soft blanket to nap with
Stuffed Animal

Kindergardener's Gift Basket
Fill a children's lunchbox with:
Pencil toppers
Decorated pencils
Colored pencils
Plastic stencils which let them draw stars, circles, etc
Children's scissors
Water bottle in a shoulder or waist holder

Additional Gift Baskets for Kids Ideas

Gift Jars & Gift Baskets

Gift jars are a semi-new idea, and have become very popular over the last few years. It's a decorative way to give family and friends starter mixes for different types of food. Just use basic canning jars which can be picked up at almost any store, add your ingredients, and decorate. Makes for a nice gift for those who do light cooking, and can also be used inside of gift baskets.

Ideas Queen has put together a package of ebooks featuring gift jar recipes and gift basket ideas. In our Gift Jar Recipes & Gift Basket Ideas package, you'll find the following ebooks:

200 Gift Jar Recipes
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99 Gift Basket Ideas
A gift basket idea for everyone on your list! They've left noone out of this guide - featuring gift baskets for children, adults, grandparents, gardeners, business people, campers, collectors, and many others.

Bonus - Guide to Decorating a Cake
Also included in this package is a free ebook titled "A Beginner's Guide to Decorating a Cake". Very detailed information with useful tips. Pictures included!

All three of these ebooks are availabe in one small package. If you are working on inexpensive Christmas gift ideas or need ideas for any time of year, this is a must have! You'll save money in the long run using many of these great ideas for inexpensive gifts all year round.

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Gift Jars and Gift Baskets

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