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Leftover Recipes

Not only is using leftover recipes a time saving idea, but leftover recipes will save you money in the long run too. By using all of your leftovers, you aren't wasting food or spending more time than you need to in the kitchen. Finding a few favorite leftover recipes can cut your grochery bill way down.

Moms are usually creative when it comes to fixing up meals on a budget or little ingredients, although once in awhile we need a little help with the fillers. If you have lots of food in your fridge that can't be used as a meal of it's own, creating new leftover recipes isn't as hard as you might think.

Leftover Recipes: Ingredient Suggestions

Just a little bit of meat in leftover recipes can go a long way, which is a good thing with the cost of some types of meat. The following list is ingredients to add to any meat to make leftover recipes that will stretch your dollar as far as it can go:

Sour Cream
Cream of Mushroom Soup
Green Beans
Bread Crumbs/stale bread
Potato Chip Crumbs
Other vegetables and fruits

Any of these can be mixed and matched with pork, beef, or chicken to make one piece of meat a meal for a family and tasty new leftover recipes.

Ingredients for leftover recipes may be enough for some to create new meals, but other may need more help. Here's a few leftover recipes I have used in the past:

Leftover Recipes: Cheesy Baked Chicken

2 Portions of Skinless, Boneless Chicken Breasts
Can of Corn
Velveta Cheese
Garlic, diced

The chicken used in this recipe was left over from a package I didn't fully use, so I added the rest of the ingredients and baked them all together for about 45mins at 425*. If the chicken is already cooked, you can cut that time in about half or create your own types of leftover recipes using chicken.

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Leftover Recipes: Creamy Pork Chops

2 Pork Chops, fully cooked
1-2 cans Cream of Mushroom Soup
2-3 Tablespoons of Sour Cream
3 Potatoes, partially cooked

These pork chops were left over and fully cooked, and the sour cream was actually left over too. While we didn't have but only 2 tablespoons of the sour cream left, you can add more to this dish for more of a creamy flavor. Since the pork chops were cooked and did not need to be in the oven for long, the potatoes were precooked for 5 minutes and chopped into large chunks. Bake at 375 for about 30mins or less. Other partial dishes can be added to this recipe to creat new leftover recipes as well. Some suggestions would be green beans, mashed potatoes, and other vegetables.

Leftover Recipes: Fried Rice

1-2 Pork Chops, fully cooked
1-2 Skinless, Boneless Chicken Breasts, fully cooked
Instant Fried Rice

One of my favorite of all leftover recipes, because I love fried rice. Usually I pick up boxes of cheap fried rice in any "flavor" (beef, chicken, or plain) when they are on sale, and use whatever meat I have leftover with it. Just cook the rice as directed, adding the meat in last. Often times I'll cook the meat if I have just a small amount left from a full package while the rice is cooking. If you use leftover meat from the fridge, make sure it's heated before adding it to the rice.

It's easy to get creative with just a few ingredients, making a full meal for an entire family at a low cost. The next time you have meat or other dishes leftover, see what else you have in your cubbard that could be mixed with it. Don't be afraid to try new things - you never know how many good leftover recipes you will come up with!

Good luck!

Other Leftover Recipes

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The following leftover recipes were sent to us by a visitor and fellow website owner. If you have leftover recipes to submit, see information on submitting your leftover recipes below.

Tiash- Leftover Corned Meat
"Chop up onions and tomatoes and fry up left over corned meat with the onions and tomatoes add a small amount of apple cider vinegar and white sugar and fry until cooked...serve on mashed potato or even on toast for a quick light lunch. This is my husbands dad's recipe from many years ago."
Submitted by Dee

"I made stuffed peppers for dinner & had about 2 cups meat mixture left over (cooked ground beef,tomato soup,tomato paste with a little water, onion powder,garlic powder, salt & pepper). The next day we had a late lunch & I was hungry. I took the leftover meat mixture and heated in the microwave, spooned onto hot dog buns & topped with some leftover shredded cheese & microwaved about 30 seconds more. my son & i liked it, & it was much cheaper than hot pockets!"
Submitted by Bonnie

"Left-over baked chicken
1 or 2 hard-boiled eggs, chopped
1/4 c chopped onion
1/4 c chopped celery
2 T sweet pickle relish
ayo and mustard as needed
Salt and pepper, as desired

Make a delicious chicken salad with left over baked chicken. Shred chicken; chop onion and celery. Combine chicken, onion, celery, sweet pickle relish, mayo, mustard, chopped hard-boiled eggs. Chill and serve as a salad on salad greens or make sandwiches. Very tasty."
Submitted by: Annetta Black

Leftover Recipes for Fried Rice - another variation
By http://www.AlaskaCatalog.com

When cooking a meal with white rice (We use the small pearl rice), we make 2 or 3 times as much as needed. The next day, you will need:
1/2 a package of bacon
1 sweet yellow onion
Garlic powder
A pinch of parsley flakes, and soy sauce to taste.

Best to chop up the onion and place it in a bowl in the fridge, Take the bacon (all one 'unit', and slice very small pieces, across all the slices at once. Throw into a very large skillet on med heat (we use a large electric skillet.

It will separate as it cooks. I pour off most of the bacon grease, reserving 2-3 tbls. Using the remaining bacon grease, add the chopped onions to cook a bit with the bacon in the pan. It is important to cook the bacon most of the way before adding the onions, as the onions don't tend to cook along with the raw bacon. Break apart the cold rice and add to the bacon, onion mix to heat. Add garlic powder, parsley flakes, and soy sauce to taste. The rice, being pre-cooked, needs onlt to heat through. VERY gently, slide a spatula under it and flip it gently, as you don't want to turn it to mush as you heat it up. Toss lightly every 2 minutes or so, until all flavors are mixed.

We serve with over easy eggs on top, or scrambles eggs mixed in. Optional, add grated carrots into the mix. Great way to feed a crowd on a budget. The main cost is bacon (use entire 1lb pkg for very large batch).

Submitted by: http://www.AlaskaCatalog.com

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