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Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Throwing a party for a special older age can be just as fun as a child's party. Good times, good food, and even some laughs can make the event great. There are several ways you can throw an adult birthday party, including eloquent parties, gag parties, or surprise parties. Any way you plan it, it's sure to be well appreciated.

The adult birthday party ideas listed on this page are specific for three different groups: 30th birthday ideas, 40th birthday party ideas, and 50th birthday party ideas. Specific ideas for each are listed below, as well as ideas that will worth for all three groups.

Group Party Games for Adults

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30th Birthday Ideas

While it's too early to be planning the "over the hill" gag party, you can still have a good time and some good laughs with 30th birthday ideas. Many stores offer 30s related gag items, so be sure to check them for more ideas on a "fun" party.

If you decide on a surprise 30th birthday party, plan around their schedule and have spouses or roommates help in the planning. You could also have a planned night out, such as at a fun restaurant or club.

40th Birthday Party Ideas

A 40th birthday party can sometimes be decorated in "over the hill" decore, but you'll want to keep it mild. Wait until the 50th birthday party to pull out the big ideas.

It may be hard to plan a surprise 40th birthday party since they might know it's coming, but it can still be done. You can also use some of the surprises below to add to your list of 40th birthday party ideas.

50th Birthday Party Ideas

Probably the most fun of all birthday parties, with much teasing and poking fun at the new "over the hill" friend or family member. While you don't want to be too mean, you can still have a great time with gag gifts. I've even heard of a friend dressing up as the grim reaper to pick up their friend for their 50th birthday party.

Stores are littered with gag gifts and 50th birthday party ideas. It's really not too hard to find items to make a 50th birthday party fun.

Other Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Surprise Birthday Parties
If you have a hard time surprising a friend or family member and just know they will find out about the party or be suspicious, there's other ways to still surprise them.

Instead of gathering up friends and yelling "surprise" when they walk in the door, plan ahead of time to have a small adult birthday party. What you will do is then look up old friends and possibly out of state relatives to invite to the party. They will already know a party is being planned with a few friends, but the real surprise will be the friends and relatives they haven't seen in awhile or weren't expecting.

This one was done for my dad on his 50th, because everyone knew they couldn't possibly throw a surprise party for him. They planned the party with other adult birthday party ideas, but didn't mention they had invited his out of state sister. It was still quite a surprise, even though he knew the party was coming!

Restaurant Parties
Check with your local restaurants to find out if you have options or renting a party room. Some motels also have conference rooms or party rooms to rent as well. These kind of parties can be great, since noone has to clean up afterwards.

Over the Hill Parties
Always a fun time, and a perfect opportunity to show your creative side. If you are planning a party like this, be sure to decorate the place in all black. Let your imagination run wild with this one, who knows what kind of adult birthday party ideas you can come up with!

Have fun planning!

Adult Birthday Party Ideas by Visitors

Submitted by:
Alexis Marshall
My sister's friends & I threw her a surprise party for her 30th. It was a luau themed party with appropriate food & even a grass skirt & coconut bra for the birthday girl.
Of course, the best thing about the party was the game of Pictionary we played - with all of the clues about my sister!! Everything from what kind of dog she had as a kid, her favorite book, movie, restaurant, all the places she's lived/travelled to, & funny/embarrassing things she's done over the years.
I'm sure it took a lot of time to plan (& a lot of sneaking around to get all the information from her), but it was one of the most memorable moments of the party - for my sister & all the guests! Plus, we all learned A LOT about the birthday girl (perhaps a little too much!)!

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