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There's no doubt about it - kids love to color. While online coloring books which can only be used on the computer can be fun, it definately has it's flaws. Others in the house may need the computer, and it's not so easy to hang up art which has been done online. Also, not all coloring sites are "printer friendly", and the advertising can drive you nuts.

This is why Idea Queen is now offering an Online Coloring Books Package with over 1200 different printable coloring book pages. Best of all, we offer the following promise:

No Spyware, No Popups, No "Only Online" Coloring Books!

Each coloring book is downloaded on your computer after purchase. No more sifting through online coloring book sites, or catching unwanted spyware from "free" sites. Just purchase this package once, and never have to search for coloring pages again!

Printable Pages Included

These printable coloring book pages allow you to print off multiple copies of different pictures. You'll get several different types of pages which are perfect for both boys and girls.

Included in the Idea Queen Online Coloring Books Package:

Book of Butterflies - 106 printable pages
Fashion Coloring Book - 89 printable pages
Fashion Coloring Book, Volume 2 - 147 printable pages
Flowers Coloring Books, 6 Volumes - 52 printable pages each volume
Day at the Airport - 67 printable pages
Book of Cars Volume 2 - 52 printable pages
Cats Collections, 3 Volumes - 48, 47, and 48 printable pages
Celtic Animals - 84 printable pages
Book of Dogs - 101 printable pages
When I grow up....Jobs for Boys - 42 pritnable pages
Stained Glass for Coloring & Craft Patterns - 96 printable pages

A total of 18 different online coloring books, with over 1200 different printable coloring book pages!

While it all sounds great, by now you must be wondering how good the quality of these online coloring books must be. Idea Queen has personally reviewed each books, and even pulled out a few sample pages just for you. See sample printable coloring book pages from our online coloring books below:

Cat Sample Printable coloring book pages
Cats Volume 1, Page 22

Farmer sample printable coloring book pages
When I Grow Up..., Page 23

butterfly sample printable coloring book pages
Butterflies, Page 29

Benefits of Purchasing Online Coloring Books

- No Unwanted Spywares
Many websites offering free printable coloring book pages download unwanted spyware on to your computer. This spyware can cause major problems with your computer. By purchasing your own ebooks, you won't even have to connect to the internet to print off your printable coloring book pages.

- No Popups or Unappropriate Advertising
Some advertising on free sites offering online coloring books is filled with pop ups and unappropriate advertising your child probably shouldn't see. The advertising sometimes makes it difficult to see what you really need - just a few printed pages.

- Internet Not Required
Take your coloring books anywhere and use on any computer - to print, an internet connection isn't required like with only online coloring books.

- Save Time
No more searching to find sites with printable coloring book pages or sites with enough printable pages. By purchasing this ebook you'll never waste time searching for coloring pages again. Over 1200 printable coloring book pages are included in this package!

- Save Money
Buying all 18 coloring books with over 1200 printable coloring book pages could cost you $20 or more if you purchased them in the store. By purchasing this collection in ebook format, you only print off pages your child wants, and have the ability to print off the same pages over and over again! No wasted pages, no fighting over certain pages between siblings.

Purchase All 18 Coloring Books with Over 1200 Pages Now for Only $5.00!

Ideas for Projects

Need some ideas as to what to do with these online coloring books?
Here some unique ideas aside from just coloring:

1. Scan Together
Sit together and let your children decide which type of pages they want to color, then scan the ebooks and let them pick out their own pages.

2. Make Storybooks
Many of the coloring books would make excellent storybooks. Pick out which pages to print, and then write a story together. Some titles to use this option:
- A Day at the Airport
- Book of Dogs
- When I Grow Up....
- Cats Collection

3. Make Pretend Scrapbooks
Use the animal coloring books (specifically Cats Volume 1) to make pretend family albums.

4. Create Decorations
The Butterfly coloring book makes for great decorations. Print, color, and cut out. Punch hole in the top and hang up with a string.

5. Use in Crafts
Make deorative boxes for toys, or centerpieces with pictures. You can also use the Stained Glass coloring book for additional crafts and patterns.

Purchase All 18 Coloring Books with Over 1200 Pages Now for Only $5.00!

*Please Note: Once purchased, you will be sent a link to download the package in two parts. Both are very large files, even for being zipped. Please allow several minutes to download the entire package. Also note each ebook is in PDF format, which means you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download this for free here.

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