Birthday Party Food Ideas

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For kids parties, usually cake and ice cream are all they care about. But for adults, you may need something extra. Maybe a meal or just “snacks” to give the guests something to do other than chatting.

Now chances are you aren’t going to want a huge meal. If you want something more than just things to snack on, it’s got to be something simple. Chili, pizza, or other single dish items. If you want to make it a major dinner event, make it pot luck. No one person can cater a meal for large amounts of people.

For “snack” like food, you’ll still want something simple. If you have a bread machine, there are all kinds of different breads you can make. Meats and cheese are also a good option, since they are pretty simple to prepare (just slice and arrange!). Fruit is another option – such as apple slices, grapes, and non-messy items.

Chips of any kinds along with sandwiches are another option. They are not as healthy as the fruit, but usually a crowd favorite. Small sandwiches are perfect for smaller crowds.

The main idea is to keep it simple. You don’t want to spend your entire day in the kitchen or getting food ready. Make sure the focus is on the guest of honor!

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