Party Planning – First Birthday

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Your baby is one! Hard to believe, isn’t it? It’s a bittersweet feeling – you love to watch them grow, but sad to see them growing up at the same time. Never the less, you want to make this party great.

After holding multiple birthdays for both my kids, I can tell you it does get easier the more you do. So the first thing you’ll want to do is take a deep breath. They are not going to remember this party in the least, so you do not need to stress about it. No need for massive amounts of decorations or anything of the like. In fact, if there aren’t going to be other kids you might want to skip the balloons. They get popped (possibly even by them, which of course wouldn’t be good) and become a hazard to your little one.

Instead you’ll want to just worry about the cake and inviting relatives. No need for invites unless you really want to – just give them a call instead. Just make sure you have your cake and all items you’ll need for the cake (and ice cream too!).

For a list of supplies and some helpful tips, be sure to see our baby’s first birthday party page at idea queen. You can also check out party supplies at The Party Works.

Just remember to keep it simple so the focus can stay on your baby! ;)

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