Maybe I Can Go Back To School

Before I dive into this post, first let me say this is not one of your junky “I’m trying to make a buck” blog posts you see all to often with topics such as this. There’s no affiliate links, and absolutely nothing for me to gain by sharing this information. This is more or less my personal ramblings about my experiences.

I’ve taken a stab at college before. The first time was your traditional ‘girl graduates high school, gets a part time job, and goes to community college that fall’. I was majored in Accounting and Bookkeeping, and also working as a bookkeeper’s assistant at a local law firm.

It all seemed fine and dandy – that whole sense of “this is what I’m suppose to do, and this is what I’m half way good at”. It was a decent “career choice”. I was good at it too. I passed classes easily, and was very good at my job. Problem was, it was EXTREMELY boring to me, and I had babies at home. After earning about half the degree, I dropped it and walked away for a good 4 years.

The second time was more or less the same thing. I changed my major to Business Information Systems, which is a title that says “hey look, I took a few classes that are both business and computer related”. Again, extremely boring and NOT what I really wanted to do. I believe I decided on the major because again it seemed like the right thing to do. A degree behind me in a subject I was familiar with, and a good “career choice”.

After a full semester and about 6 classes total, I gave it up too. To keep my grant I had to take a minimum of 3 classes, and it just proved to be way too much to handle, even though it was all online. Plus I knew there would come a time in pursuit of that degree that I would need to take some classes offline. That’s just the way our local community college was set up at the time, and there really was no other options.

Now a few years later, I’ve decided to take another stab at it. The choice this time was NOT made for the sole purpose of needing something fancy behind my name, but WANTING those classes and the degree. Instead of looking at courses and saying “this looks good, I could do this I guess”, I looked for one that matched what I WANTED to do.

My new course – Bachelor’s of Arts in English. My new college – University of Phoenix. Everything online, ONE 5 week class at a time. No attempting multiple classes at once, no worrying about offline classes later on. The subject I’m very much in love with as well, and there’s so many places I could take it if I wanted to be serious about a “career choice”.

Probably the best reason for gaining this degree is for my own personal reasons. I love to write in any form, but want to do it better. I finally see this as learning something I want to learn, and ground work for future degrees (like those in journalism), as a bonus.

So maybe this time I’ll stick with it. Maybe in less than 2 years I’ll have a “BA in English” added to my name. Maybe I’ll become the professional writer I’ve wanted to be for some time. Or maybe I’ll just walk away with some extra knowledge I didn’t have before, and that would be just fine.

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6 Responses to “Maybe I Can Go Back To School”

  1. Melissa White Says:

    I’ve found that if you go to school to study something that you have to do, isntead of what you want to do, it’s a bit more of a slog to get to the end.

    And good choice on the UoP. I did a degree through them and found the experience to be top notch.l

  2. Idea Queen Says:

    Very true! And thank you for the feedback – as far as I can tell now they have a pretty good set up and are awesome about making sure you know how the programs work.

  3. elisa Says:

    its good to go back and learn things you never knew..learning doesn’t stop anywhere”, go for it..

  4. Gerald Bently Says:

    Just wanted to also comment that I found UoP to be an excellent choice for remote learning. Decent on the pocket book as well.

  5. Networking Wahm Says:

    Great post! I think your onto something with the writing. I love the way you write! The average American has something around 6 careers in their life. Never feel bad about changing :) Moms will ask me what types of careers are there for wahms? I just tell them to do what they have a passion for and it will all come together.


  6. Maria Says:


    Wishing you the best of luck with
    your new course.

    This time “Don’t Give Up”.


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