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Personalized Gifts for Kids

What kid wouldn't be excited to see a personalized gift just for them? Personalized gifts for kids are everywhere, and come in all different forms. This page is designed to give you several different ideas for personalized gifts. If you have more suggestions, be sure to submit them below!

Personalized Books & CDs

Because these are so original and encourage enrichment, this type of personalized gifts for kids is at the top of our list. Books and CDs (music and storybook CDs) are a wonderful gift for kids just starting to read or who like to listen to music.

Personalized Books
An example of these types of books comes from Ann's Personalized Children's Books. Several years ago we got the book "Firefighter's Hero" for my oldest son. He was just starting to read at the time, and was facinated to be the main character in this story. The story also featured his best friend, which he also loved. After several years this is still one of his favorite books.

Ann's Personalized Children's Book also features Storybook CDs which my son also loves to play with on a regular basis. He's very interested in computers, so this computer version proved to be perfect. You can see the review of our Storybook CD at Mom's Market.

J&S Kids has personalized books for sale as well. You can see several different types of personalized books on their site, as well as other personalized items (just search "personalized" on the site, and you'll find several different products).

Personalized Music CDs
A great example of personalized music CDs comes from J&S Kids. They feature CDs from your kids favorite characters like Disney Princesses, The Wiggles, and several others. Each CD says your child's name a set number of times within several different songs. Now if your kids are like mine, they get a huge kick out of hearing their name anywhere, so this would be an extra special personalized gift.

Personalized Clothing

If you are looking for personalized clothing, there's quite a few different options. Some stores offer shirts and other items with the kid's name on it, while others offer items for a specific type of child (such as "big sister" or "big brother").

One store that features personalized gifts for kids such as hats, bibs, and shirts is Sew Cute. While their focus is mostly baby clothes, they also have a nice selection of shirts for older kids as well. Canadian shoppers will especially love this site, since the company is based out of Canada. (Even as a US resident, I have never had problems shopping with companies based in Canada, so I recommend visiting this site!).

Another site which features personalized bows for little girls is AddyReece Boutique. This site has several options for monogrammed bows. Some of the bows allow you to personalize with initials, while others let you put in full names. These can make very nice keepsakes for little girls!

Personalized Jewelry

Name bracelets are a super popular option for personalized gifts for kids! They are simply beautiful bracelets which feature your child's name. I actually own a similar version called a "Mother's Bracelet" featuring the names of both my kids and their birthstones.

There are several different places which sell name bracelets. Beading by Stacie is one store which features name bracelets. Each bracelet is individually made at the time of ordering with your child's name in beads. Very cute!

Personalized Paper Products

Another option for personalized gifts for kids includes paper products such as stationery, note cards, and other similar items. Finding these kind of personalized gifts for kids is pretty easy, but we've given you a few suggestions below.

Paper and Things sells very nice personalized stationery for kids, so you'll want to drop by and see. There are some beautiful designs for stationery, each featuring the personalized touch.

Note Cards
My Little Rembrandt not only features personalized items for the whole family, but a very unique idea for note cards. Instead of standard note cards with regular graphics, this site will take your child's artwork and make note cards out of them. My daughter has a set she's been using to send notes to her friends with, and absolutely loves it. It's not just any graphic either - it's a picture she did!

We did a review on My Little Rembrandt's notecards awhile back. You can read the note card review at Mom's Market.

Personalized Candy

Personalized candy wrappers and other similar items have been around for several years. They make great gifts for kids, as well as party favors for their birthday party.

My Fun Expressions has several different personalized gifts for kids, including candy wrappers and lollipops. They also have personalized items like paint cans, bookmarks, invitations, bubbles, and more. A must see especially if you are in need of some party favors!

General Personalized Gifts for Kids

Here are a few more general suggestions for different types of personalized gifts for kids. There are quite a few different types of gifts below to chose from, so be sure to check them all out!

Personalized Hand Painted Signs
Available from Angela's Gift Nook, these adorable hand painted signs are wonderful gifts for kids. Each can be personalized for the child with their name.

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