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If you are looking for easy dinner and recipe ideas, this is the place to be. Most of these recipe ideas come straight from my kitchen. Since not everyone's taste in quick and easy dinner ideas are the same, I've also included several additional recipe ideas on each page that you can try out or use for your own quick and easy dinner ideas.

Here you will find both free quick and easy dinner ideas, as well as detail on the e-cookbook "155 Time Saving Recipes". Details on this fantastic ebook can be seen below.

Free Recipe Ideas

Since I am a simple cook, many of the easy dinner ideas and recipe ideas listed below use only a few ingredients. You will most likely find the ingredients for these recipe ideas in your kitchen already!

With each page, I highly encourage you to use some of the basic quick and easy dinner ideas as just a start for making your own unique recipe ideas.

Easy Hamburger Ideas
If you have a pound or two of hamburger, the ideas can be endless. See our list for ideas of what to make for supper.

Easy Pasta Recipes
The quick and easy dinner ideas listed on this page go far beyond simple pasta or spaghetti!

Easy Pot Roast Recipe
One of my favorite dinner ideas. Many suggestions for ingredients and variations of this basic meal are listed here.

Fried Pork Chops: Easy Pork Chop Recipes
While much of the time I use Iowa Chops, the quick and easy recipes listed on this page are ment for regular pork chops.

Easy Baked Chicken Recipes
How many recipe ideas can you come up with when using a package of boneless, skinless chicken breast? Hopefully this page will give you additional quick and easy dinner ideas to use.

Best Fried Chicken Recipe Ideas
Everything from real fried chicken to chicken strip ideas. This page offers several different ways to cook different cuts.

Easy Potato Recipes
Potatoes are the world's best side dish! But did you know you can make a main meal out of them as well? Lots of recipe ideas for both main and side dishes!

Leftover Recipes
Only have a few pieces of meat that aren't enough for a full meal? Here are some recipe ideas for using up the last of what's in your fridge.

Healthy School Lunch Ideas
Many quick and easy lunches for kids that aren't only fast to make, but healthy too!

Fun Recipes for Kids
Most kids love to cook, even at an early age. The recipes on this page are easy enough for toddlers (with help) but still perfect for older children as well.

Bread Machine Recipes
What could be better with a quick and easy dinner idea? Homemade bread is the absolute best, and bread machines make it so easy. If you need some recipes for your bread machine, be sure to start here!

Holiday & Seasonal Recipes

Garden Fresh Salsa Recipe
My absolute favorite summer snack. You'll find different ways of cooking your own salsa exactly to your liking. Use the tips on this page to come up with your own quick and easy recipes for salsa.

Fresh Tomato Recipes
If salsa isn't your favorite or you have far too many tomatoes on hand, the recipe ideas on this page should help you out.

How To Make Sun Tea
The title explains it all. Also recipe ideas for making different flavors of ice tea.

Recipes for Camping
Our list of the best recipes for camping we've found. We've broken them up into two catagories: open fire recipes and dutch oven recipes. Enjoy!

Apple Recipes
My best apple pie recipe, along with apple crisp and more. You are sure to find many quick and easy recipes here.

Easy Halloween Recipes for Kids
Halloween is a time for creativity, and the recipe ideas on this page will help you come up with tons of activities in the kitchen.

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas
We all know you're suppose to cook turkey for Thanksgiving. But what about the rest? This page will give you some ideas on additional quick and easy recipes for Thanksgiving.

Easy Christmas Dessert Recipes & Christmas Cookie Recipes
Christmas is a wonderful time for lots of goodies and desserts. It's not hard to find easy Christmas dessert recipes, or Christmas cookie recipes. Although just in case you need a little help finding "the classics", you'll find them on this page.

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Organizing Recipes

Need a system for organizing your quick and easy recipes? Declutter your kitchen with the following pages.

How To Organize Your Recipes
Details and suggestions on how to organize your quick and easy recipes. Includes ideas for organizing, resources on where to find organizing products, and how to use recipe cards.

Free Printable Recipe Cards
Standard 3x5 blank recipe cards you can print out at home. Use with your favorite recipes, or jot down quick and easy recipes from this site!

Quick and Easy Recipes e-Cookbook

While there are some absolutely fabulouse ideas for quick and easy recipes listed on this page, I highly recommend picking up your copy of "155 Time Saving Recipes".

quick and easy cooking: 155 time saving recipes
155 Time Saving Recipes

Need some specific recipes, and don't want to spend hours in the kitchen? Skip the hassle and pick up "155 Time Saving Recipes". This ebooks is packed with very simple, quick recipes - some that only take a few minutes!

Including quick and easy recipes like........

- Easy Barbecued Chicken Casserole
- Easy Microwave Pizza Bagels
- Extra Easy Lasagna
- Make-it-easy Beef Potpie
- Quick Baked Pasta Family Style
- Plus 150 more!

Buy "155 Time Saving Recipes" for only $2.00!

Other Quick and Easy Recipes & Ideas

A quick and easy recipe sent in by a visitor. This idea is so cute, we just had to post it!

"I'm a college student, and I am ALWAYS craving chocolate! I know better than to eat the desserts in the cafeteria, or get something from the vending machine, plus I'm trying to eat healthy. So, I came up with an alternative dessert that I can make in the comfort of my dorm room. All you need is vanilla yogurt, and a bag of 100 Calorie Oreos, or something similar. Crush the oreos into the yogurt, and you're all set!"
Submitted by Megan

The following sites are outside of Idea Queen, although recommended because of their quick and easy recipes, as well as recipe ideas. Each link will open in a new window, so you can come back to Idea Queen at any time to see our recipe ideas!

The Recipe Box
Have a great recipe or need one? Check out The Recipe Box sponsored by At Home with Elena. You'll find lots of interesting, quick and easy recipes listed on this site!

Java Jitters Cafe Recipes
Great quick and easy recipes for the delicious mixes they sell. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for unique and food full of flavor!

Parents Cafe'
"Easy family recipes from our table to yours."
Recipes and recipe ideas posted on a regular basis. Be sure to stop by often to see what's new!

Mom's Online Retreat - The Galley Recipes
Looking for wonderful recipes for breakfast, lunch, and more? In "The Galley" of Mom's Online Retreat you'll be sure to find lots of recipe ideas and more. Be sure to see the rest of this fantastic website as well!

Yummy Desserts at SAHMom.org
A Stay at Home Moms Online Source for Articles, Recipes, Resources and SO Much More! Come by our Yummy Desserts Page! We have a new Dessert added DAILY!

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